"I'm quite sure you're a stray, cos by any chance I've never met anyone like you."

     He watched the wolf flexed his limbs nigh as he poised his guts for some haughty strike. He began to browse his consciousness for the right word to say.

He knew that he couldn't dilly-dally for long else he would be caught off guard. He didn't want that to happen. No one would matter-of-factly.

He could read pride seeped in the visage of the wolf. He never knew that there were real wolves in that jungle. They were Werewolves. There was quite the difference.

Yet he couldn't fathom how easily twas for the so called real wolf to discern him. Damn! Earth didn't turn out to be what he had envisaged. He knew he had no time to savor thoughts and make confetti of them.

He could really use actions. That was all that mattered at the moment. And for the records, he hadn't had a serious fight since they had been thrown down from the apt azure by the zealous Zeus.

He did know that what he had done was worth more than the punishment the marred Monarch had leased on him. He was quite sure that he didn't stand a chance of plea and didn't go for it.

There they were cobbling pored pedigree torn by the humiliation. He found his words before the haughty wolf would make pawn of him:

     "And I suppose that you don't want a half of the rage of someone like me. It's quite advisable that your walk on. Keep walking mate."

     He saw the wolf wield what looked like a sassy smirk on the platter of his phizog. He knew that that was tantamount to a scoff.

He hated so many a things and scoff was the most nauseating. He knew that he wouldn't ignore what was going to be supplanted. He could feel it. But he'd rather that they keep to the word battle.

     "You have no idea who is standing before you. An Alpha stands before you, you should cower and quit dripping saliva."

     He smirked. He was loving the battle already. He was sure that what they had embarked on would have worn war as an offshoot.

He knew that at the end they were going to fight, but he would be ready for it. He was obviously buying time.

He hoped that his apt acumen would not go bankrupt. He complemented the odds of the professed Alpha.

     "That makes us a pair then."

     The wolf seemed amused and couldn't simply hide it. He halted and peered, heaving salient sighs as he let his words out:

     "What does that mean? Hell wrong! An Alpha does act like you. I can't even see a silhouette of an Alpha in you, let alone its form."

      Lycaon moved further a little bit towards the wolf, the professed Alpha. He wanted to see what he was capable of doing. He hadn't really fought with a real wolf.

He had actually traded fists with his mates. That was before he was officially announced the Alpha of the pack.

Though he did know Pelasgus, his father was not so cool with it, but he could deal with that. He hoped he could.

He tossed his instinct back into consciousness and picked up from where the wolf had dropped.

The retinas of the wolf were burnished in rage. He could easily discern that. He absolutely could. He wield his words:

      "That simply means you're blind. Of course super duper blind."

       "Beg your pardon?"

        "Plus this, that means your deaf. Of course super duper deaf."

       The wolf tossed his head towards him. He could only discern the male from the female. That was the far he could go after the unprecedented change they'd undergone.

He dodged it. The nose of the wolf brushed his ear. He was glad that twasnt his teeth. He probably would be cut by then.

He retreated a bit and charged at him, booting him with his head. The Wolf's head at that lifted his claws and limbs from the eerie as he tried to fight and regain his balance on the the earth.

He did regain his balance and retreated a bit. But obviously, the wolf was not ready to run away.

        A part of Lycaon was glad about the new expenditure. He was having the better part of the wolf. He would keep to it till he would succeed in scaring him away.

The wolf before him was huge. He wouldn't annul that fact. If he did, he would simply be telling himself a big and fat lie.

He wasn't in for such. He was sure that if the blow of that wolf have a better part of his jaw, he would have to nurse it for days. He wouldn't allow that.

The first impression did matter. And he was sure that he had tossed the coin appropriately. The wolf instead of rage chose words. Wise of him to choose words over his rage. Well, lucky Lycaon.

      "Are you really sure about this? I've been an Alpha for four years. I've been responsible to the pack for over four years. When did you become one, you lad! When, that you contend with a superior. Leave this pack with your mates, wherever they are. My mates, subjects to say, are coming to invade here. Leave honorably or be devoured by rage. Leave by choice or be humiliated. To be forewarned is to be forearmed."

        The wolf turned to leave. Was that really all? He hadn't thought twould end that way. He was thinking twould be bloodbath.

Hell wrong he was. But he wasn't ready for the wolf to leave. Why would he watch him leave with such atmosphere.

He had threatened his pack and their banishment. He had threatened his leadership. The thought of their banishment and humiliation done by Zeus was yet fresh like the prime of the hay.

He would allow everything but the repetition of such spell. He would even die trying to prevent it. He spoke hastily before the wolf would disappear into the locks of trees. 

      "I tell you. Your words are sweeter than they seem. How I wish twas as easy as you've said it."

      "We shall see."

       The wolf mused without looking. Lycaon had no idea what the wolf was up to. But he was sure that twas to no good.

He was sure that he had disappeared into clusters of the towering trees before he decided to leave.

The snow started dripping. Twas unusual. Then he heard a call from behind.


        But he watched the wolf disappear into the clusters. Did he really disappear and was behind him? How possible was that.

Twas never heard that the real wolves did disappear. Or was the wolf some disguise of Poseidon?

He knew what Poseidon could do to have Athena back. He needed to act fast before he would be pawned. He turned and looked. Damn! 

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