"What are you doing here?"

      He wasn't sure if that was the right question to ask. He couldn't think straightly. What he was seeing couldn't complement his thoughts.

He could see her taunting tits screaming at the top of their voices to get noticed by some passersby. He knew he would be that passerby.

There was no other person there. And for the first time in the long while he was confused. What he had seen was beyond what he had expected.

That wouldn't be the first time he would be seeing her. He even had seen her before he had left the pack for a walk.

He was sure that he hadn't taken quite the much time before she had come looking for him. He wasn't complaining. Twas obvious that she did love him and wouldn't want anything odd to befall him.

He wouldn't wish for anything evil to have the best part of her also. He should protect her not vice versa. She shouldn't be in the jungle all by herself before the rites of the recruitment would be over.

And that state she was in standing before her didn't leave him with a sane word to say. He was utterly helpless. She was more than angelic. It was Athena.

      "I was simply worried about you and I did sense an odd omen. That was why I came rushing here."

      She had her arms folded over her tits, bracing them up in taunting manners. He couldn't resist and obviously would stutter intermittently till she would be gracious and fair enough to quit taunting him.

He did know that he could never get that at that moment and that nothing was too much to realize.

He walked towards her flexing his limbs. He was moved by such love she did have for him. 

     "To save me?"

      "Why not... If that is possible."

      "But do you really stand a chance with a real wolf?"

      "Beg your pardon? You've forgotten that I'm Zeus's daughter? If not for my powers retracted, I should had scorched you for that."

     He smirked as he changed into a fair handsome lad. He was more of a grown youth, but lad would suit his qualities. His visage was round and curved such that, his lips were carved in the bewitchment of spree, seeped in comeliness.

He was tall. Tall enough to tower over Athena, who was half inch down. He loved the switching. Twas like the best part of being a Werewolf for him.

Though it had seemed hard at first when the spell was hexed on them by Zeus, but after the sassy struggle with Poseidon, they had been able to get really on their feet and had been able to figure out what innate ability they did have.

And at the moment, they were bent on creating a generation which had never existed. Twould really be tough of course. He hated telling himself lies.

He knew twould be more than hell, but they would all figure it out. The likes of the professed Alpha of the real wolf which had left earlier would keep coming, but they would have to hold together. He spoke with his face to hers:

      "I know who you are, darl. It's not just save for out here."

       His soft palms were all over her cheek. She was breathing into his mouth. He couldn't resist it.

She was quaking under his touch. She really loved it whenever he did touch him.

Twas the lovely touch that the pored Poseidon never had and would never have. She never wanted him to stop. She would stimulate the mood.

       "There's no safety for me if you're in danger. You're my safety. Stay by me always."

       He caught her lips with his and danced his over hers. She responded quickly as though she had been expecting it. The touch of his lips on hers was warm and tasty. She was swept into fantasy.

She couldn't snap outta it. He murmured into her mouth as he bit her lips gently. She gave her all to him. She wasn't always reserved whenever she was with him. There was nothing for her to hide.

She was his and he was hers. He halted as she grabbed the lips again with hers, ploughing hungrily into his mouth.

He held the back of her head and guided her to the bark of a tree not letting go of her lips. He fought his mouth free and went down his lips taunting her neck and then to the paved piece cloth hanging loosely on her boobs.

He could have a suck on the swell as he swept his hands down from the head to the tits. He was on his feet again as he grabbed the tits and squeezed them mercilessly.

She quaked under him and tried to savor the pleasure. Then she threw away her gaze and smiled. He noticed and was sane enough to understand.

     "Oh. Alright, I'm sorry. Was carried away."

       She kept the smile on as he helped her fix the cloth appropriately into the formal state, careful no to touch the nosy nipples.

He wanted to have her but he knew that was not the right time. No one told him, his instinct did. He could walk around his instinct.

He could plough it. He needed no tossing of thoughts, there was much ahead of the day. The sun was setting in the west.

She wrapped herself around him as the nosy nipples taunted his chest. He would be sane enough.

      "What happened earlier?"

     "One of the real wolves I warned you about came by. But it's nothing to worry about."

      He feigned the seriousness. A part of him was worried, he knew that but wouldn't admit it to her face. Not to the face of the mates. She was concerned:

      "I know that you're trying to stay strong for the pack. It's expected of a responsible Alpha, but you can't hide it from me. I'm your lady."

      He raised her head and looked into her face. Worries were etched in her bewitching eyeballs. Concerns had left contours on the route of her smile.

He would never forgive that crazy Alpha. She must not see his worries for her and the pack etched in his face. He hugged her tightly and bled his thoughts:

      "These real Wolves are more experienced than us. We're new here. Even the psycho said he has been an Alpha for five years! Look at us, we're just two months old here. I'm worried but I can't cower. I can't, darl."

     She squeezed him, her tits pressed heavily on his chest that his erections peered at the call. Even despite the mood. Her words were wetter:

      "Of course you should be worried. A great Alpha does. What matters is what the worries lead you to. To plan or cower. But I know and trust you. You'll train us all and lead us to the battle. Maybe before then, father might be kind enough to shorten the 6 months of regaining my strengths."

     "Don't be too worried. You'll get it."

     "Come. Let's get you some rest. You need it. At least before the meeting commence."

     "I'll be your ride."

      "No, you're too tired for that please."

      "Never tired for the course of my love."

        She kissed him gently and unwrapped herself. He bent. Went on his four as she climbed on him.

He loved being a Werewolf. The wolf part of him was interesting. He started crawling towards the pack. She didn't approve of it:

      "Won't you change."

      "Hehe... No... I'm a camel for today..."

      She smiled and wrapped her arms around his back. The taunting of the tits made him miss the sight of a twig which cut into the skin of his left foot and he bled.

Instantly he metamorphosed into a wolf and she could enjoy her ride better.

     "Serves you right. Now, here comes my ship. Haha"

      He feigned the hard guy frown but deep down in his salient soul, he knew that he was lucky to have Athena, the daughter of Zeus as his mistress.

Or lady, as she would call herself. He couldn't wait to get to the pack. How could he?

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