"Oh my..."

      Had his end come? That was one of the thousands of questions queuing in his subconsciousness. He was sure that he did have no answer to it. He wasn't obviously to determine whether or not he was yet alive. He needed to know what to do. He couldn't be sure what position that question took in his consciousness. He was only hoping. He couldn't had hoped better. He was thinking that time would make a pull of fate and prune the odds that he had been trying to ignore. He began to think about saving the Nymphs. He actually didn't remember when he did promise to protect them. He had tried to do his best. He couldn't had done it better. He was doing all he could. He didn't know how to go about it. He was trying to be sane. There wasn't much left in his thoughts. There wasn't much thing left for him to think about. He was only hoping that he would have something to look up to. He couldn't had made

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