Rendering Sincere Praises About his Astonishing Strength And Speed

Max retracted the metal-like claws into his fingers and beaconed at the Rainsword sect members that they should come meet him where he was.

The Rainsword sect members who were simply dazzled by his ghostly speed and ferocity quickly nodded their heads upon his signaling and then walked up to meet him.

They still couldn't understand how a human, one who didn't cultivate Qi, or more precisely, Speed Qi, could achieve such extreme ghostly speed. 

Also, they couldn't comprehend how he was able to slash the beasts into slices without any long and broad, sharp-edged weapon or cutting instrument in his hand.

When they got to where he was, the degree of veneration which they looked at him with increased. And this was because not a single stain of dark red beast blood cold be seen on his strange outfit. 

"Brother, you are really powerful. I don't think you are a mortal." Shang F

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