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A young boy Eric, suspects reality isn't what it seems. His curiosity, fueled by the help of his secret but brilliant admirer, Katy, led them down a rabbit hole of spacetime mysteries. Turns out his suspicions were right all along.


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Olympus is a city worthy of awe having a population of only 3000 people mostly scientists, engineers, and medical doctors. It's a haven for nerds. Equipped with the latest tech for convenient living not to mention the high-rise buildings with alien architectures. The city can be described as a giant laboratory rather than an extension or part of a political structure like normal cities. There were no governors or political figures policing the affairs of Olympus, it was a paradise separate from the outside world and for good reasons.The city of Olympus located 400,000km away from earth was covered in a dome, the city being the dome itself found a patch of land on the far side of the moon. Putting it together was an engineering wonder. The scene wouldn't have been possible if not for the discovery of gravitons, a few decades ago. For a long time gravity has escaped the grasp of physicists, they've been able to summarize the entire universe into two groups; forces of nature and particle
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It was dark and raining heavily. This is one of the victories Eric loved to keep mental records of, although his opponents don't really care, he does. The rain is the fulfillment of his interrupted prediction on the school bus."It's 7:12, mom should be back by now," Eric asked feeling worried."Quit being a baby and set up the table.""Wait, how were you able to accurately tell the time without checking?" Erica asked, her face radiating a mix of confusion and awe."It's not accuracy but precision," Eric replied."What's the difference?"Erica asked, preparing for a lecture that she normally enjoys."Accuracy is about actual value, precision is about matching varying measurements. I checked the time earlier at school and kept a mental note. I only had to make an approximation of the time by comparing some daily constants and their interval of occurrence; getting back from school, my bath, mom returning from work, my homework, my meditation session, sundown, and dinner. Mom is the missi
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"This is the thirteenth attempt and thirteenth consecutive failure, Dr. Norton. We believe you should give up this fruitless project and focus on other matters," said a female voice from a holographic projection."But we're making progress. Today, we saw a crack in the fabric of spacetime itself. Ending the project now will render years of research useless, give me more time and you'll get your results, I assure you.""No Norton. We took a vote and the board has made its decision. Your project is nonsense, at most a fantasy," a male voice this time came from the hologram."What?" Norton angrily yelled. "You decided in my absence? Might I remind you how I built this company and brought it to the limelight? My ideas have never failed, just because you can't make a profit out of it yet, doesn't mean it's useless. I refuse to accept your decision. I seek an audience with the board, I must be heard."Dr. Norton responded with a stern face."Very well, we'll schedule a meeting tomorrow. The
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"What the actual fuck?" Eric whispered to himself noticing he just had a wet dream, one he very much enjoyed. He just didn't expect he would make such a mess, even though he was more concerned about the contents of the dream than the mess made. It was particularly disturbing having Katy invade his dreams, she's a source of torment in reality and now a source of sensual pleasure in his dream life. Why the hell would I work with Katy on building a doomsday device? What the hell was that thing to begin with? Am I losing my mind? What type of fuckery is this? Eric thought to himself, an attempt to forget the other part of the dream he found perplexing."These dreams are getting out of hand, I have to do something about it.""Hey deep shit," Erica yelled, storming into his room."Why do you have to be so loud?" Eric adjusted his position, confident that he had concealed the souvenir from his watery adventures."Why don't you ever knock?" Eric said, clutching his sheet."Mom's out, she'll be
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Deep in thought, staring through the glass in his office located on the top floor, Dr. Norton was mentally iterating through the events that led to this very moment, a habit he developed over the years to scan through his plans with the intent of spotting loopholes, flaws, and defects in the structural integrity of his schemes. Although his plan looked flawless, he still exercised doubt and also planned for contingencies. This Machiavellian trait was one of the reasons for his success in the corporate world. He treats his colleagues as pieces on a chess board, to him, everybody is a complex system of interaction possessing weaknesses that can be exploited.Although humans love to pride themselves on being individually unique, his research on behaviorism coupled with observation and personal experience proves otherwise. Those who are more self-absorbed or dogmatic about the notion of individual uniqueness are more susceptible to manipulation. The self-delusion is too immersive, creating
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Tightly held in his dirty hands, he munched on the bread like a hungry beast. He rested his back gently against the wall, a move to ease the searing pain in his abdomen. The sustenance he acquired was worth the pains he went through to get them, at least that was what he thought. Erickson, as he was normally called, found life on the streets unbearable. He missed the comfort of the orphanage. His tiny little bed, the warmth of the house, and the taste of the food were horrible, but enough to keep him alive. But then, he wouldn't trade his newfound freedom for anything. There's no way he's going back to that zoo. He replayed this thought for cognitive comfort. Erickson has been living on the streets for months after running away from the orphanage. He's a mystery. He was left at the front door of the orphanage by some unknown figure around dawn. The lady who found him reported having seen a figure leaving in a hurry after knocking on the door. It seems the individual wasn't expecting a
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"Hey little rat, it's time to wake up." Biggy said, emptying a bowl of water on Erickson.Erickson had trouble falling asleep. His thoughts kept him awake. The new environment was somewhat difficult to adjust to, he wasn't familiar enough to sleep comfortably. While in psychological discomfort, he mentally went through every single move and event that brought him to this present moment.A few months ago, he left the orphanage and never went back. He was doing a menial job at a restaurant, the owner was friends with the custodians at the orphanage. He normally returns to the orphanage to complete his tasks for the allocated hours, but this time, he didn't. The orphanage didn't care about the well-being of the children they looked after. In their opinion, the children have no choice but to depend on them. They have no one else to turn to, the streets are unsafe and they'll eventually die of starvation, cold, or infection if they try to give them a slip. Well, they were wrong. They misca
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"Is that what I think it is?" Asked Katy, terrified and fascinated."No way, is that a wormhole?" Asked Eric, staring uneasily at Katy."Shouldn't a wormhole be spherical? You know, a rip in the fabric of 3d space?""Yeah. You're right.""Why then does this look like a rip? It's like a crack in a wall.""A crack in spacetime. Is this a doorway to the 4th spatial dimension?""Doubtful," Katy said as she slowly approached the crack."What the heck are you doing?" Eric asked in a worried tone."I'm going to check it out, are you coming along?"Are you insane? We don't even know what that is. Interacting with it may cause a nuclear-like explosion, maybe even worse.""Come on, let's check it out."They both approached the crack cautiously, Eric lagging. Katy took some photos with her mobile device as they got closer."This is beautiful, so fascinating," Eric said while trying to touch the crack.He paused for a moment, exchanging glances with Katy before withdrawing his hand."Not a good id
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Katy has always been troubled by the fact that her mom has always been uneasy around Eric's sister, Erica. She can't wrap her head around it. The issue isn't the one of dislike, her mom doesn't dislike Erica, she just acts awkward around her.Katy had always tried to understand the situation, but her mom, Evelyn Smith always finds a way to evade the conversation whenever it is brought up. Even at the grocery store, the supermarket, or even during casual meetings, Katy's mom has always been terrified of Erica. This recent situation has changed the whole outlook on Katy's mom 'Erica-phobia', at least for Katy.Perhaps the dreams have something to do with it, she thought.Unknown to Eric, Katy has also been having transdimensional dreams. The sight of Dr. Smith through the wormhole gave her chills. She was pretty sure Dr. Smith was the lady in her vivid dreams. She assumes her Mom's also having the dreams, it was a stretch, but still yet, what could her mom have dreamt of to be so scared
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Erica was shocked to see that Eric wasn't in bed when she invaded his room during the early hours of the morning. Seeing that she was put in charge of the home and her little brother, the thought of disappointing her mother was an upsetting one."That piece of shit. Where the hell is he?.......... Fuuuuuuuuck."It's a good thing no one was present, her fury burned like a raging volcano, capable of turning anyone within a close distance to ash."I'm going to kill that piece of shit when I set my eyes on him."She tried his phone but it wasn't going through. She was agitated at this point, restless even. She didn't like the thoughts that were popping up.What if something bad has happened to him? God, Mom will kill me.Unknown to her, Eric was at the dining table, staring at her. She was pacing uncontrollably. He stood there for a few minutes watching her anguish. Then he finally spoke,"If I didn't know better, I'd say you're worried about me."Erica was startled by his voice. She ran t
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