The search for Max begins

When Zhou Qing left, the boss of the Great League of Shadowy Blades who was thousands of miles away from the building that Zhou Qing came to, sat with his brows deeply furrowed on a seat embellished with shiny black stones.

"That boy that Zhou Qing told me about, can what she said about him be really true? If it's true, then that means if I can capture the boy and cut him open, I will be able to obtain the key to wielding power that will make me much more powerful than even the Absolute Strongest in our world. Hmm." The leader of the Great League of Shadowy Blades said with his brows still furrowed.

He then suddenly stood to his feet and walked out of his room. While two guards who stood at each sides of his door to prevent unauthorized entry into their master's room, immediately turned around and bowed when they heard the sound of his door opening to reveal him.

When their boss came out, he only nodded at them and walke

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