Son of the Lalan hero

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Son of the Lalan hero

By: Maguire35 OngoingSci-Fi

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Nick is the son of one of the heroes of the Lalan, one of the people who participated in a war of universes against pirates who subdued different worlds and then destroyed them. The Ungeziefer only went with beings from their land and half-breeds, since in a matter of two months someone of their race was already an adult thanks to the machines they had. Nick goes to the intergalactic academy because his father orders him to, since the war made him intensely paranoid, as not all the Ungeziefer had been eliminated. However, at the academy he begins to stand out and to generate envy among his peers for his knowledge. In the first week, he is promoted to second level cadet, most of the students of that institute do not like him and some try to make his life impossible. When he goes to his first mission in the company of the pilots who are going to graduate, his father dies strangely and that triggers a feeling of hatred and revenge towards the directors of the academy, as one of his classmates discovers the disturbing truth that hides this academy. This causes her to flout the rules of this place and earns the hatred of many people.

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After so much waiting and dreaming of my freedom, unfortunately I entered the intergalactic academy, a school that teaches you to pilot ships in the galaxy. The problem is that I was the son of the hero of the Lalan. Lalan was hope in an alien language, and that word was left to identify those heroes. He was still alive, and he was not the person that everyone believed, he had sequels for all the traumas that left him losing companions and the extreme places where he was. Although he tried to pretend he was someone normal.My father was commanding and with a strong temperament. He had blond hair and black eyes, with a black beard. I was different from him, I looked like my mother in his words. I had short straight black hair, I was somewhat dark, I was also tall and round faced, but I never had a childhood like the other children, I was every day reading books and practicing with an old model ship, I even had to learn how to repair it. I had a brother who wanted to fulfill Dad's dream
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I stayed two days in the academy infirmary. I tried to get out of bed, but I could not. I had a bit of a headache, I was in a place quite far away from the rest of the cadets.I looked out the window and saw all the new cadets doing a series of physical training. They were almost five hundred meters away from where I was. This was part of the academy routine, everyone must be prepared for unexpected events against enemies that could attack them.They put a bandage on my hand, I took it off and noticed that I had lost two fingers on my hand and the others were bandaged. I felt that maybe it happened when I ran, maybe a shard from the bomb fell on me. I had no choice but to calm down a little and not cry.From one moment to the next I saw the door to the room open it was the nurse and the same second level cadet. She had a bandage on her arm. She didn't hesitate to speak to me."Cadet Nick, the academy congratulates you on your bravery, but due to your health condition you are asked to w
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We all headed to the pilot track, where the physical training of all the new cadets began. First, they would give us an endurance test. We had to do ten laps of the asphalt track. I didn't know how long it was, but I felt very insecure. It was getting very hot, and I might not last long.The rest of my teammates didn't look too happy, no one liked to do this, but it was one of the tests we had to do. With the sound of a horn, we all started jogging. At first, I had some difficulty, my suit was too tight. I felt very uncomfortable, but as the minutes passed, I was able to keep up with the pace I had set for myself. However, I noticed that most of my companions stayed behind. The sun had them sick, they couldn't keep jogging. In the short time I had been running, I had done half of it.Suddenly, the horn sounded again to start the race. I stopped immediately, I was sweating too much. The sun in three places was exhausting.I tried to get back to my other companions, but I saw that most o
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I slept through the night in the infirmary and awoke in the wee hours of the morning. I had left the room and avoided the problem of my brother and his wounded companion.I tried to get out of the infirmary quickly and get to the place where my companions were. The lights were out, and I had time to get to my room; however, as they walked down the hallways. The light bulbs came back on.The cameras focused on me a little. The flashing red button kept pointing at me. At that moment I didn't care anymore, I walked away as if nothing happened, but I saw some lieutenants standing around. When they saw me, they spoke to me."What are you doing out of your room cadet?""Ah... I was just going to the infirmary.""Never mind. You and all cadets are to receive a briefing. Come with us, young Nick."My name was in a pocket of my shirt. I felt a little funny, I wanted to go take a shower, but with those men they wouldn't let me, I couldn't say anything. I just followed them to the airstrip, I di
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Hours later, I saw how everyone was leaving the room. I had fallen asleep in my bed, just waiting for Lucia to come at night and give me my uniform, I left the room as the rest of my classmates did; however, they took my hands by force. In the short time I had in that place. I had done nothing to bother them, and they wanted to do something to me.I could not resist, since there were eight companions. They dragged me through the corridors, some people saw it, but no one tried to do anything. Slowly, we arrived at a place that seemed to be the women's bathroom, but at that moment there was no one there. There were only four fellows, and it was still hard for me to fight with them. They dragged me through that place and locked me in a locker. They put something on the door, so I couldn't get out.I felt that they closed the door to the toilets so that no one would notice that anything had happened in that place. I thought about screaming, but the best thing to do was to get out of here
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The following days were very difficult for me. Everything was new, the handling of weapons and the coordination for the different activities I had to do. Lucia was suspended for disrespecting an officer, and Jhon did not want to help me. If I was a first level cadet, I would no longer have a chance to continue in this academy. I didn't have the knowledge to do anything.I just locked myself in and tried to open the ships that were at the place where I was sent to sleep, but I couldn't open them. No matter how hard I tried, I didn't know how to do it. I felt like a useless person. So much time training and doing thousands of things for nothing. It wasn't long before the first trip we would be given to the most outstanding cadets, but I didn't want to go. I got depressed and moved away from everyone. I ate at a table in the back of the cafeteria. What we were served every day, was a portion of rice and whatever meat or chicken we wanted. Although sometimes they would give us a rare pas
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First trip
The days became short, and finally there was an agreement between my partner and the lieutenant who was in charge of organizing the trip. From the place where I stayed at night I could see the ship in which we would travel, it was quite large, perhaps much larger than any of this academy. I was quite nervous, it was the first time I would be away from earth. The bad thing was that it was with my brother, and he was captain of the crew, I just hoped I wouldn't have any problems with him.I was given a dark blue uniform, something thick, gloves and a helmet for the trip, what had me a little insecure was the little knowledge about the ships of that size were very precarious. I had to learn about them. The only chance I had was the ship that was in the place where I slept, but I had not yet been able to open it.I stopped thinking about it and walked out of there to the airstrip. I saw that many first level cadets. They were all doing physical activities with a very strong sun. I was spa
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Return to earth
She looked a little annoyed at my insistence. She didn't expect me to act that way.She looked down the hallway and since she didn't see anyone, she approached me and spoke to me."Someone is trying to get rid of one of us.""How do you know that?" I asked him."I heard rumors of the presence of half-Ungeziefer people at the academy, and I tapped into communications.""And so? Is it true?""I checked. Yes there are lieutenants of that race, but I can't leave this academy, it might raise suspicions, and I'd have to start from scratch. Just avoid acting strange from now on, but first you have to get back to earth alive. Just don't bother the captain."Hearing her, I ran out, without saying anything to her. It was an impulse and a need to warn my brother, I knew it was probably to get rid of my brother on this trip or hurt his career as a pilot. Maybe the Ungeziefer already knew. I thought of a thousand things. One of them to go look at the ship's power structure, which was the problem w
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The roar echoed in my ears as the ship crashed to earth. The impact was brutal, shaking every fiber of my being. Chaos gripped the interior of the ship, and everything became a whirlwind of movement and desperate screams.Shattered glass scattered everywhere, turning the floor into a field of dangerously sharp thorns. The warm, oppressive breeze of the earth's atmosphere seeped through the broken windows, enveloping us in its suffocating embrace. Pain spread through my body, deep gashes adorned my arms and face, reminding me of the price I had paid for this turbulent journey.Desperately, I tried to get up, but every movement was torture. The shattered glass threatened to pierce my skin once again if I dared to set foot on the ground. So I held my position, struggling to find an unsteady footing on the debris of the shattered ship.My brother, with a mixture of astonishment and relief on his face, turned his gaze toward all of us, verifying that we were alive. His words echoed in the
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I woke up in the infirmary, the sound of the first level cadets had me somewhat annoyed. They were singing a song as if they were in the army. When I raised my face, I saw Lucia, she was trying to get out of the room."Uh... Lucia..." In a rather low tone.She turned to look at me somewhat surprised." woke up already....""Yeah, uh...why am I here?""You've been here for two weeks, they were already going to take you to a psychiatric clinic.""Uh...why?""You were in shock. Your eyes were open and you didn't speak. It was very strange, I delayed everything, so they wouldn't take you.""Why am I here?"I think you saw how your cousin and uncle died. I everyone knows they were father and son.""The hero Harrison and Miguel? Them...."I kept thinking about that and slowly remembered what happened, I got pretty sad, but I tried not to look at her. I couldn't show her my emotions. That would leave me in evidence.Lucia walked over to where I was and spoke to me again."The hero an
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