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Jessy Jenkins: 21 years old hidden mafia princess. She just graduated from college hoping she can start a career by becoming a writer. Unfortunately that didn't happen because she's always in danger even not knowing it. But she tried to live her life as much as she could. She loves her family and friends and works at a nightclub called Sexy Kitties with her mom as a waiter. Her boss is her childhood crush but he didn't know that. Jessy always wanted a family of her own one day. Her father was never around but she knows he's watching her from a distance because her father's brother wants her and her mother dead.

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    waiting for the complete book it's been forever

    2024-04-11 20:53:26
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Hi, my name is Jessy. I live with my mom in New Jersey in a small town called Paterson. My mom's name is Hope Jenkins. My dad is no longer with us. He passed away, but something tells me he's alive, hiding and waiting for the right time to come out. My dad's name is James Jenkins. He is a Mafia king and a family man. He would do anything to keep us safe from his enemies. Mom and I work at a nightclub called sexy kitties. No, it's not a strip club, but the clothes we wear say otherwise. Tonight, I have to wear my favorite color costume, a black and blue tail, ears with a black tank top, and a blue mini skirt. They call me Little demon because I can be nice, but I can be mean like a demon. My mom's favorite color is black and red. And she's wearing her black devil horns with her red tail and a black crop top with red leather jeans. They call her a sexy devil. The girls love to show more skin than they have to, but because they want attention from Dean and David matches. Dean and David ar
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“Boss, can I talk to you about something?” hope asked“Sure thing, Hope,” Dean said“I'll be out there in a minute,” Dean said“Okay, no problem.” hope saidJessy walks out of the office and gets to work. I know she was talking about herself when she told her harmless joke, which was for real. Jessy has been in love with Dean since they were kids. I want my daughter happy and to get her chance before it's too late.“Dean, I know you were talking about Jessy, why don't you ask her out instead of getting all these flavors of the night?” I said.“Because I know she doesn't like me like that,” Dean said.“You never know until you ask her,” I said.“I want to be with her, but she's my best friend. “Dean said.“That's the best thing for a relationship to start as best friends. I said.“I know, Hun, but if you love her this much, don't wait too long. She is a beautiful girl that won't be single for too long.” I said.“I know. I'm working on it.” Dean said.“Okay, I'm going to get to work now
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“Dean, wake up, we have work to do,” David said. Istarted to get up and get dressed. I have been busy trying to find James Jenkins, my old friend that trained me for this mafia life. He was a good trainer until his parents passed away 3 years ago, he took it hard.“Anyone found James Jenkins yet?” I asked“No, he's good at hiding off the grid,” Josh said.“I know, but we will find him before it's too late,” I said.“What's going on anyway that we have to find him?” Josh asked.“His brother is back, and he's not going to leave until he gets what he wants,” I said“Yeah, why are we looking for him anyway?” josh asked“I thought we were on good terms with him?” David asked.“His wife and daughter are in danger. Do we know the place he stayed at?" I said.“A hotel not too far from the hospital. David said. Let's go check there first." I said.We made our way to the cars and made our way to the hotel that he stayed at.“Hi ma'am, I'm looking for a friend of mine,” I said.“Okay, what's h
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"Hello, can anyone hear me? I'm lost, please help?" I said."Why is it so dark and cold here? Where am I?" I said."Jessy, please wake up. I love you, it has always been you." Dean said."I love you too Dean," I saidBut he didn't hear me."I'm here and I'm awake. What happened to me?" I asked"That man raped me and beat me. Am I dead?" I asked"No, I can't be, I have to wake up," I saidI want to go home to my family. Why did he hurt me like this? What did I do wrong? If uncle Nick could get to know me, I'm pretty sure he can love me like a niece. But why does he hate me so much that he wants to kill me? What can I do to fix whatever I did wrong to make things right again? I can't keep living in the dark like this and not knowing what is going on.When I get better, my mom and I are going to talk about this mess. I know I will wake up soon. I have to be patient. When I wake up, my body will be in some pain, but it will be heading also. I have to be positive, and now I can fight this
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“You hurt my daughter and put her into the hospital,” James said.“I told you James to make it easy or hard, you made it hard. I had to hold to my word.” Nick said.“She's a kid, your niece, our flesh and blood,” James said.“No, she will never be a part of this family, not even her mother. You can't keep them away from me.” Nick said.“I won't let you hurt them anymore,” James said.“What are you going to do about James? I know where and when and how and also how much James. I'm always watching them, no matter what you do to keep them safe. Because they never will be safe, James, not when I'm around brother.” Nick said.That's when I knew I had to leave my family to keep them safe. But I made sure I had updates on them. Dean and his brother have a thing for my baby girl. I know they would keep her safe, but something tells me they would break her first.I can't have that. I have to do something before it's too late. I don't want to hurt her, but it's better than them, I made a phone
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"3 months later"Today I was outside drawing in the forest. It's my favorite place to be at peace and with nobody to bother me."JESSY! Baby time for dinner.” dad yells.“Coming dad.” I gather my things and wash my hands for dinner. “What are we having tonight?” Jessy asked.“Pot roast and mashed potatoes with gravy,” Dad said.“Yummy, that sounds and looks like a good dad. Where's mom at?” Jessy said.“She had to run out real quick, She should be back in a minute.” dad said.“Okay, I'm waiting outside for her,” Jessy said.“Okay, baby girl,” Dad said.That was weird, mom never leaves me behind if she goes somewhere. I hope she's okay.My phone is ringing, I look to see who it is, and it was Dean.(Call started)Dean: Hi baby, how are you doing?Jessy: I'm good, how was work today?Dean: testy, like always.Jessy: I'm sorry, love.Dean: It's okay, all part of being a Mafia king.Jessy: yeah, I'm glad I'm not a part of that worldDean: me too babyJessy: I have to go; mom is back for d
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My last words to the love of my life, where I love you. My sleeping beauty looked so peaceful when she was asleep. It hurts that I have to leave her like this without a word.I hope she forgives me when I come back home again. I woke up to a beautiful person lying next to me in my arms. I wish I didn't have to leave. I have to save my brother. I got up and got dressed. I kissed her on the forehead, and I whispered in her ear."I'm so sorry Jessy I love you so much I will be back again and when I do get back, I hope you will forgive me". Dean said.I walked to the door, and before I walked out, I looked at Jessie for the last time. I couldn't help but smile because Jessy is my one and only. Then I Left. I know who is doing this to us.He thinks I'm going to hurt the love of my life. James knows this is a low blow by doing this and getting my brother kidnapped. This could start a war, but I won't let it get to that point because we have been friends way too long.“Dean, time to go and s
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Today I left New Jersey to save my brother. James knows he's wrong for this. I would never hurt Jessy and he knows it. He took me away from my family and my soon-to-be wife. I love that woman with everything in me. God, please let her forgive me and still want to be my wife.I hope she doesn't move on. If she does, I'm going to kill James' friends or not, but he went too far this time. We made it to the airport port in Italy. I got greeted by reports, all I can say is no comments, and kept walking.I finally made it home, and it felt different and empty without my brother here. Why James? Why now play the father role in Jessy's life? My phone started to ring, and I looked to see who it was. It's my love, Jessy. I picked up my phone and said the truth.(Call started)Dean: Hi, my love, how are you feeling?Jessy: Hi baby, I'm feeling okay, but these Babies are moving like sea monkeys.Dean: Love you said babies like more than one?Jessy: Yes, baby, we are having triplets.Dean: I'm so
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Today I woke up early and took a shower. My baby bump has gotten bigger, and It Looks like I'm going to pop soon. I tried to call Dean, but no answer. It's not like him to not answer my call. I guess He's busy. I try again later."Hey mom, how are you doing?" I asked."I'm a good sweetheart. I made us some food." Mom said."What are we up to today? I was thinking about baby shopping Okay." mom said."Have you heard from Dean yet?" Mom asked."No, Every Time I call it goes to voicemail," I said"I'm sorry, sweetheart." mom said."It's okay mom. I hope he didn’t forget about me and our babies". I said."He's busy and not around his phone. Because his line of work can get a bit much. Your dad deals with it every day." Mom said" Yeah, I know. But it's not like him not to answer my calls," I said."Let him work and try again." Mom said. I nod and hope to hear from Dean.My phone started to ring. I looked to see who it was, and it was Dean.(Call starting)Jessy: hello babyDean: oh yes ba
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I made a big mistake by letting her leave with James that night at a college party. I wanted her to have my kids and be my wife, but James took that from me, and now he has a beautiful daughter named Jessy.I have been watching Jessy and Hope for a while since she was born. She grew up into a beautiful woman. It's so sad that her life will always be in danger because of me and my brother. "Hello brother, welcome back home," I saidJames stares at Nick like he was going to kill him."Nick leaves them alone." James said, "I can't do that brother you took what was mine, know I'm taking her back." I said"Nick, they were never yours because you hurt Hope by sending her ex / best friend away. To make a new family when he had his daughter Joyce Jackson here without a father," James said"I did a good thing that night by getting rid of him. Now I'm going to do the same to you, brother." Nick said"You can try nick, but you won't get my family," James said"You fail to realize James I alrea
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