Chapter 07

"Stop crying! I'd be okay, at least I have the best mother on planet earth and a friend that shows me love." I said holding Ronald's hand.

"But mum! I need to free my guilt, it kills me every day to tell you what happened to dad and you categorize my stories as a painful fantasy." I said as I began to cry as well.

"The alpha sacrificed himself to block a realm of darkness from the ocean and water brought me to the shores, I need to see my daddy if he's still alive, so you either follow me to the beach with Ronald or you let Ronald take me there," I said to her and she slides down from the chair to the floor.

"Ella, the witches told me to never take you to the ocean because it may affect you mentally, you have to follow the witches order sweetie, and you have to understand that your dad is now just a spirit." She says.

"I don't want to lose the only thing that gives me a future to live for please Ella." she begs holding my knees.

"Mum! People take a risk to survive, don't you see that we have been following the witches orders for so long now?" I asked her in tears.

"I have made up my mind mum, please take me or let me go where i want to go" I said to her and she laid her head over my labs.

"You are as stubborn as your father Ella!" She says loudly as she stands up and the next words that escaped out of her lips stunned the shit out of me that I felt like it was unreal.

"Alright, I would take you there with Ronald of course and we have something personal to talk about concerning the Alpha," she says, pecking me and leaving.

"See! Imagine if you followed what I told you three years ago, maybe with the persuasion that you just used now... Your mum would have voluntarily taken you there." Ronald says, putting his hand over my shoulders.

"Thanks so much for pushing me to finally tell her what I have always wanted to let her know about," I said to him and he pecked me as well.

"But why Ronald? Why do you care about me? I mean why have you always cared about me?" I asked so many questions at once and he leaned in with his hot breath pouring over my ears.

"You are so beautiful and that is one, you have a mad curvy waist with a huge butt which is cool"

"Your eyes are brownish with a light green ring, not to forget that your lips are soft and really pink"

"I love you more for the fact that your hair feels so curly when I touch it and I have always loved you so much my amazing looking lady and yeah! I love you for being unique." he says and I am about to melt from the chair that I was sitting on.

"Oh my god, Ronald! God really made your mouth with all the flavors of milkshake!" I said to him and it reminded me that he had bought a milkshake for me as well.

"So where is the milkshake?" I said searching for it just to feel what made me almost stand up and run.

"Damn Ella, you should have just asked me to give it to you," he says shifting away.

"I didn't mean to grab your reproductive organ boy, that felt horribly wrong," I said and he laughed as I searched for a pillow to throw at him wherever he was.

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