Chapter 106

Alpha Derrick's POV cont'd

Claudine scoffed loudly and walked away pretending to be angry but I saw the smile tugging at her lips...

‘Mmmh what was that for??'..Lina asked as I finally released her..

‘To mark my territory,everyone's watching can't you see??'..I replied and when she saw the looks on everyone's faces she blushed.I helped her with the rest of her boxes and she checked out at the hotel registrar,got into the car and I zoomed off.Even though I was driving I still couldn't resist looking at her..

‘What??'..She asked blushing..

‘You're beautiful Lina'..I replied and she tucked her hair behind her ear nervously.I took a detour onto the next road that let to the mini mansion ANDERSON and parked ignoring the questioning eyes of the security guard...

‘Here let me help you with that'... I offered as i carried a box from the

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