Chapter 20
"It's time we head back, I packed the car at a car wash and luckily there's an engineer who confirmed that nothing was wrong with it" she says as she gets up,

"What happened to your shirt Ronald" I asked him and he acted like he did not hear a word I said and that made me rethink what caused it.

I kept spitting on you right?" I cast my question into the air and he finally replied.

"Exactly" he signs looking at his trousers.

Ronald is a clean guy and I love that about him.

We walked towards the hospital and were now in the front trekking as Sharon said till we reached the car wash. My mum had parked her car and in it was a box which I still have weak memories of.

I have got to belong to someone I know a lot.

Ronald And I sat at the back seat and he laid my head over his huge chest and I rested for a while just for that same bad feeling to come again and I am wondering what is about to happen next to me or anyone I love.

I looked up to see Ronald already sleeping but his hold ove
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