Chapter 40
[Jenny's P.O.V]

I sliced some in my plate munching it with so much ecstasy.

It's very tasty! Uhhm!

I just can't wait to get married and make pizza for my husband and I then he will feed me .

The day I am going to meet my charming prince, I will have to smack his head to keep me waiting.

I put the remaining pizza that I have prepared onto my plate again .

"Are you seriously going to finish that pizza alone? "

Huh? Alpha Ronald! How long has he been standing here?

[Alpha Ronald]

I watched as she ate in ecstasy. The sight of the pizza alone is mouth watering . The scent was what drove me here

It was everywhere in the house and she's here eating alone?

Why will she make it for herself only? I wish I could watch her eat like this forever.

I freaking love everything about her! The way she eats, just name it!

And guess what? She's wearing a body hugging gown that came down her knee a little.

This lady will soon drive me insane with her curves.

"Are you seriously goi
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