Chapter 53

[Alpha Ronald]

She hates me! 

She won't forgive me! 

I made her go through hard times, I took her dignity! 

I laid down on the floor crying my eyes out. 

She's shutting me out! I can't do without her. 

I love her and now Karma has paid me a visit. 

Look at where my desperation has landed me!!!!

What do I do? 

"Alpha Ronald? What the hell? What's wrong? You look like a psychic right now, you are a mess. what happened?"

Mum asked coming towards me and I broke into another round of tears. 

"She hates me mum, sh..e" 

"Calm down and talk to me Son, who hates you and why?" She asked. 

"Ella! I.. I did something to her, I raped her and now she's m

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