Chapter 52


"You are a whipped man," Adam said laughing. 

I punched his stomach and he groaned.

"I came here for advice Adam, not to be mocked," I said frustrated

"You know what? You messed up a big-time Alpha Ronald, I suggest you apologize to her as soon as possible before it gets out of hand or her finding out herself"

He said and I sighed. I know right? But how do I tell her? What will be her reaction?

"The truth is that I am scared, I am scared Adam" I replied sincerely.

"I know she will be mad at you but that's what I think you should do"

Sighing again, you made up my mind to tell her this night. 

I will ask for her forgiveness and I hope she forgives me. 

I have developed a strong feeling for her. 

I don't want

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