Chapter 57

[Alpha Ronald Monroe Scott]

I took her to my room and gently placed her on the bed.

So where do I start from? Seriously? I might used to be a flirt but I don't know anything about taking care of a woman.

Mum was right and this message might lead to something else.

I don't trust my dick, if it stands then there will be a big problem.

I brought the body oil close before unzipping her short gown.

"E...Alpha Ronald"she shrieked.

"C'mon cupcake, I am giving you a massage and I have to start from your back so you must take off your dress or are you shy? Did you want us to make love? Like have s...."

"Alpha Ronald nooo!"She cuts in taking off her dress herself without glancing at me while I chuckled again.

My baby is timid and I love her for her.

She laid on her l

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