Chapter 63

[Ella P.O.V]

My body unconsciously stiffened as I clutched to my little baby bump. 

Jenny? What's she doing here? I thought Alpha Ronald said she's out of our lives? 

My heart limped as she walked in bowing her head while everyone sat frozen.

"What are you doing here Jenny? I told you to be miles away from us right?"Mum flared up walking towards her and she shifted in fright.

", please Mum, I. I am not here for any troubles or anything on anything like that please" she pleaded in a cracked voice 

Huh? Jenny can be this calm? I stared bewildered at her like everyone. 

"What did you want Jenny? Why are you here?"Alpha Ronald asked calmly. 

Tears fell down from her cheeks as she played with the tip of her dress .


Well I heard sh

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