Chapter 65

Derrick P.O.V

I sat at the school cafe with my friend Cooper , before us were pizza . We were eating and conversing

“How about that Naomi of a girl ?” He asked and I giggled

“The bitch fell in love with me so quick , she doesn’t know I only play with girl’s emotions ” I replied and we both laughed

“Crazy man! But you such a bad boy, you’ve made three girls fall in love with you in just two weeks ” I said and he blushed

“I’m the game master here, many of them really flock around me because of my money ” I said

“You should know that Love doesn’t exist ” I added and ate more of my pizza

“So who’s gonna be your next target ?” He asked

“Oh! Erm… That should be the new girl ” I replied

“Oh! miss political money” Cooper said and we both laughed


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