Chapter 68

Lina’s POV

I leaned on the wall in the empty class waiting for Alpha Derrick and Cooper

After few minutes of waiting , I was weary and I walked out of the class, just then, I saw them coming towards me

“Hey , Have it” Alpha Derrick said as he approached me with the ice cream

“Thanks” I said , smiled as I collected from him

I was about to start licking it when Alpha Derrick stopped me

“Stop! ” He shouted and I was force to jerk a little then looked at him

“Today is Ice cream festival, you can’t drink it here , take the ice cream with you to the midst of student ” He advised

“Oh…but is that really necessary ? I asked

” of course it is , you don’t wanna miss today’s festival , it’s always once a year ” he replied and I nodded

I hesitated for a while then follo

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