Chapter 69

(It’s Alpha Derrick)

Lina’s POV

I opened my eye and found out that I was laying on an empty field , I didn’t see anyone around. My clothes are soaked and irritating

I stood up and I need no one to tell me that I had puked on my body. It’s obvious I was drugged and that led me to misbehaving

I cried as I sunk my knees to the floor. I’ve being too foolish to believe them , I shouldn’t have trusted them for any reason

I went inside the school bathroom to clean up myself but I was still stinking , my uniform are wet. I need to go home and clean myself

I walked around the schools and realized that everywhere was quiet , it took a while before I believed that the school is closed and that everyone had gone home

That implies that I had laid there all day. Alpha Derrick and his friend are really w

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