Chapter 74

Lina's POV

I was done with all my chores in the house by the time it was 3Pm.Mrs Anderson had already left for work so i was alone in the house..

Ding dong!..

The doorbell rang.I went to check who it was and when i opened the door it was Alpha Derrick.He seemed pretty angry judging from the look in his eyes.

‘Good afternoon'..I greeted trying to sound as nice as possible.

‘Keep your stupid greeting to yourself you idiot where's my mom!!!'..He screamed at me..

‘Ohh sorry I..I just wanted to talk'..i whimpered and turned to leave.He snorted and grumbled under his breath.The only thing I could her was ‘fucking Mr Rudolf!!' and i turned back...

‘You know what Alpha Derrick?? Let's call a truce'..I mustered enough courage to say..

‘Truce??'..He arched his brow and I nodded..


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