Chapter 75

Alpha Derrick's POV

I snickered loudly as i watched Lina limp away in tears after giving her clearly an earful.Girls like this just don't know when to quit.I can't be friends with her she's too dirty,she doesn't dress well to my taste and she's from a poor family..

I quickly disconnected the call which was put on hold and went downstairs to play video games.Lina was by the kitchen counter and just as i thought —She was reading..


I totally ignored her presence and to spite her more I turned on the volume of my video game so she couldn't concentrate.I glanced over to where she was continuously but still she didn't budge or raise her head from the book she was reading,it was like she was in a world of her own...

To make matters worse I turned on the boom box and began playing my favorite song ‘Chicago Freestyle' by Drake.I increased the volume to the highest sound

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