Chapter 84

Alpha Derrick's POV

A minute later in Principal Terian's office



‘You really disappointed me Trevor and you Alpha Derrick as expected I'm not surprised'..Principal Terian muttered as Trevor and I went down on our knees..

‘Just so you know sir I didn't cause the fight he started it'..I said aloud throwing a dirty look at Trevor ..

I mean I don't get what's his deal....he's not Lina's boyfriend?!...

‘Yes I know and that's why you haven't been expelled,detention for the both of you!! You're going to be working the lunch line until your camping trip'..He replied and I scoffed..

‘I can't work the lunch line principal Terian,Lunch lady Maria has banned me for adding sugar to her mash potatoes which turned out great by the way'..I protested.Trevor just snickered on without saying a word and I frowned..

He always acts l

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