Chapter 96

Alpha Derrick's POV

‘You don't have to be bothered about my admission Lina,if there's one thing i learnt then it's to live in the moment!! Let's think about the present and see what the future holds'..I replied trying to keep a smile on my face so as not to worry...

‘You sure??'..Lina asked...

‘Yeah I'm sure so you up for a movie??'..I replied but still she didn't look happy..

‘There's a new cinema downtown and I would like if we go check it out yunno!! Alpha Derrick and Lina...Bropay..Movie night!!'..i cooed poking at her ribs continuously and luckily her face broadened into a beautiful smile...

‘Okay fine but after movie night we talk about your Harvard admission cause I know you pretty well and i know you're trying to evade the whole question!!!'...She said aloud and I smiled..

 - - - - - - - - - -


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