Chapter 95

Alpha Derrick's POV

Minutes later



‘You ready?!'..I called out to Lina from the other side of the court and she smiled..

‘I should be asking you that question new Alpha Derrick Anderson but...'..her voice trailed off as soon as the bell rung.Everyone groaned and grunted cause they were pretty interested in the showdown the both of us were about to deliver.I went straight for the boys locker room and there I saw something very funny.There Chase stood with his undie on his head and his shirt on his butt making him look like the cape kid from Sam and Cat TV show.Everyone began laughing including I myself cause it was somewhat like a dose of revenge..

‘He really looks stupid'..Cooper chuckled from behind and when I noticed the mischievous gleam in his eyes I frowned..

‘You had something to do with this didn't you??'..

‘No I didn't

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