34: New Dawn Brings New Opportunities


As the sun crested the eastern mountain tops, the frozen dew lay across a smooth field of grass, coating it in tiny white crystals. Birds began their morning hunt for food in the chill early winter air. Thankfully for Conor, while it could get excessively cold at night in the winter months, a strong sea breeze had blown a hint of salty air into the area, keeping it just at freezing this night. The sun's rays would quickly begin to warm the world. He stiffly sat up from under a pile of leaves, and a blanket a kind stranger had left him.

 Through the mental fog that has become his reality, Conor heard a phone ringing. As he numbly answered, an over-excited voice yells at him over the noise of a crowd, “Conor! You are not going to believe this!!! Someone actually wants to pick up my game! Conor?! You there? Can you hear me?”

The words seemed distant and inconsequential to Conor as he tried to process the confusing melodrama that had bec

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