The elevation of the zillionaire Son-In-law

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The elevation of the zillionaire Son-In-law

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"I'm not going to compromise my values for the sake of money," Tony said, refusing to be cowed by Lady Lugard's wealth and influence. "I will not allow myself to be controlled or influenced by your family." Tony faced Lady Lugard head-on, his voice firm and resolute. The Lugard family was taken aback by Tony's boldness, but they were not deterred. "You will regret this decision," Lady Lugard said, her voice cold and menacing. Two weeks later, _________________________ "Tony, please, we are begging you to help us save our company," Lady Lugard pleaded, her voice full of desperation. "You are our last hope, our only chance to avoid ruin. Please, help us." A young man, Tony Eduardo, has a loving and respectful relationship with his wife and her family, but he doesn't receive the same amount of affection in return. When his beloved grandmother falls ill, he asks his mother-in-law for financial assistance, but she gives him an ultimatum: divorce his wife on their third wedding anniversary or receive no help. Tony rejects the money and leaves the Lugard family mansion, unaware of the new fate that awaits him outside of the Lugard household - one that will change his life forever.

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The lugards
The Hearty laughter and boisterous cheer from the Lugard's living room woke Tony Eduardo out of a restless slumber. As he dragged himself from his bed, the events of the previous day swirled through his mind. He had labored tirelessly in his menial job, only to earn barely enough to keep himself and his ailing grandmother afloat. He had always depended on his wife Helen's support which made her family regard him as weak and inadequate. Helen often belittled him, and he felt trapped in the marriage. While Helen had never sought a divorce, Tony wondered if she was merely keeping him around out of pity or convenience. He felt like a burden, a failure, and a disappointment, trapped in the Lugard mansion with no clear path to independence.As the realization hit him, Tony jolted up from his bed, "Oh my gosh, how could I forget? It's our second anniversary," He exclaimed to himself. Suddenly, it all made sense, the noise from the living room must have been a surprise anniversary party that
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A new identity
The Lugards were dumbfounded by Tony's refusal to go along with their plan. They had assumed that he would jump at the opportunity to get a payout since Lady Lugard was more than willing to give him enough money for both his grandmother's medical bill and to start over with a new life, leaving Helen behind. But his unexpected response had thrown them off. They suspected that he was merely putting on an act and that he would eventually agree to the divorce. Helen, on the other hand, was indifferent to what Tony would decide. If he chose to. leave, she could finally be free of his lower social status and find someone more fitting of her position. She was confident that there were plenty of eligible suitors who would be more than happy to court her. The moment Tony left the mansion, he made his way to the hospital. His grandmother's doctor was his only hope, and he needed a doctor to give him more time to raise the funds needed for her treatment. When he got to the doctor's office, he w
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The events of the last few minutes had left Tony feeling dazed and confused, and he struggled to make sense of it all. His uncle's words brought him back to the present moment. "Your mother would love to meet you, Tony," he said. "She misses you." Tony felt a jumble of emotions swirling through him. He took a deep breath, struggling to regain his composure.The confusion on Tony's face gave way to fierce anger as he considered his uncle's words. "You mean to tell me that my mother is alive and well, and she never bothered to reach out to me all these years?" he demanded furiously. "All those years I thought she was dead, and now you're telling me she's been alive the whole time?" He felt the rage building inside him, "How could she do that to me?" he asked, his voice trembling with emotion."That's a question only your mother can answer," Robert said calmly. "But I think it's important that you take some time to process everything you're feeling right now," Robert added and Tony n
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A crush ?
The manager regarded Tony with a skeptical gaze, her eyes scanning his disheveled appearance from head to toe. She didn't think much of him, judging from the condescending look on her face. He could feel her doubt and disdain radiating from her like a palpable force. "We're not hiring a driver or a Bartender at the moment," the manager said, her tone carefully controlled. But Tony could hear the disdain in her voice, the skepticism that she had considered him nothing more than an errand boy. He held back a sigh, trying to keep his cool."I'll let that pass since we just met," he replied, not quite managing to hide his irritation. "Now, can we get down to business? I've had a long day, and I'd like to get this over with, " He said bluntly. "My apologies for any misunderstanding," the hotel manager said, her voice dripping with feigned sincerity. "Our only available room is the presidential suite, which may be out of your budget. Are you sure you wish to proceed?"Tony could feel his p
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Hidden identity
The soft bed and quiet surroundings of the hotel room lulled Tony into a deep and restful sleep, something he hadn't experienced in ages at the Lugard mansion. When he awoke the next morning, he felt refreshed and invigorated, ready to take on whatever the day had in store for him. He had never felt so well-rested and energized in a long time. Tony sprang out of bed, eager to get ready for the day ahead. He showered and dressed quickly in the casual clothes he had brought from the mansion the previous day. He had planned to spend the night in the hospital with his grandmother and get an early start on his job search the next day, his plans changed when he encountered his uncle at the hospital. "Greetings, young master," said the two men who were standing in front of the hotel door, bowing deeply as Tony emerged from his room. Tony looked at them in surprise, not recognizing them. "Who are you?" he asked, a note of surprise in his voice."We are your bodyguards, sir," they said in un
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The humilation
Just as Tony was finishing his meal, Maxwell and his wife entered the hotel lobby, their presence exuding wealth and power. It was clear from their regal bearing that they were the prominent clients who wanted to partner with the hotel. Maxwell's family was a prominent force in the city's real estate market, and the lugard had always been keen to maintain a strong relationship with them. Maxwell's marriage to their daughter had been a key part of that strategy. As Tony emerged from the dining area, he was met with snickers and jeers from Maxwell and Cecilia who had just entered the hotel. their faces twisted in mockery as they looked him up and down. "Look who's here," Maxwell said with a mocking tone. "The great job hunter himself," he added, the words dripping with sarcasm. His wife chimed in, her voice dripping with disdain. "I'm sure he's here looking for one low-income job as usual," she said, a smirk playing on her lips and they both burst into laughter. "Greetings, Maxwell a
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You're fired
The last thing Tony wanted was to return to the Lugard's mansion so soon. He hoped that the memory of what Maxwell and Cecilia witnessed in the hotel would haunt them, leaving them wondering if it was all a dream. He knew that Lady Lugard and Helen would continue to mock and belittle Maxwell and Cecilia's story when they told them, confident that they would never be believed. In Lady Lugard's eyes, Tony was a worthless individual, and no matter how hard he tried, he could never accomplish anything of significance, there was no way her view would change because of a petty story from her daughter and son-in-law. As Tony sat on the hotel bed, he pondered the best way to acquire new clothes. Even though he intended to keep his new identity a secret, he did not want people to view him with disdain because of his shabby appearance. It was clear to him that he needed to acquire some fresh attire. When the cab he had booked online arrived, he got into the back seat. "Good day, sir," the c
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The truth
"How do I possibly entertain someone of your stature?" Uncle Robert asked as they entered his office. "I apologize if the refreshments seem a bit humble." Tony nodded without saying a word for a few seconds. "Why has it taken you all this time to reach out to me?" Tony asked, his voice betraying a hint of suspicion. He couldn't help but wonder if Uncle Robert had known about him all along, and had only chosen to make contact now. Perhaps there was more to the story than he knew."Nephew," Uncle Robert said warmly, "before we begin our conversation, perhaps we should enjoy a glass of wine together?" He nodded at his bodyguard, who quickly disappeared into the adjoining room. Moments later, he reappeared with two glasses and a bottle of the finest vintage wine. "My nephew deserves only the best," Uncle Robert said, pouring the crimson liquid into their glasses. "That won't be necessary, Uncle," Tony said gently, not wanting to appear ungrateful. "I'm not here to be lavished with expens
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Hang out
As Tony sauntered up to Collins, who was standing by the entrance of the fancy restaurant, a mischievous grin on his face. Collins' eyes widened in surprise as he took in Tony's dapper appearance, his brows furrowed in confusion."Whoa, you look different! Did something happen this week?" Collins exclaimed, his head tilted in curiosity."Nothing much, let's just head in and grab a drink," Tony replied, his tone lighthearted as he tried to deflect Collins' question. But Collins wasn't about to let it go that easily."Oh no, no, no, not so fast," Collins said, stepping in front of Tony and blocking his path to the door. "There's definitely something different about you, and I'm not leaving this spot until you tell me what it is," he said, crossing his arms and staring Tony down. Tony knew he was caught, and there was no point in trying to hide it."Fine, fine," he said, throwing his hands up in defeat. "If you must know, then I'll tell you in there while we chill," Tony said pointing at
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Saving the day?
Collins found himself bemused and incensed by Tony's placid reaction to observing his wife in the company of another man. While Collins would have happily made a scene, he would not do so at the risk of disregarding Tony's wishes. Helen had never been a fan of Collins, regularly deriding their friendship as a union of poverty and failure. Collins yearned to confront her and make her realize that her infidelity was far worse than any financial hardship he had ever faced."Excuse me," Collins inquired, his voice tinged with incredulity, "Are you two divorced?" He directed the question at Tony, who seemed wholly unmoved by the scene unfolding before him.Tony merely grinned at Collins, raising his hands to show him the gleaming wedding band that adorned his left ring finger. "If we were," Tony stated, "I wouldn't be wearing our wedding band.""I'm sorry to ask," Collins implored, disbelief coloring his words, "but why aren't you more concerned about your wife having an affair? This isn't
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