Slumdog Billionaire

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Slumdog Billionaire

By: Teddy OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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“You’re a nobody. Just a useless and worthless slum dog!” This is how Declan gets insulted by his rich wife’s family and friends because he looks ordinary. Unknown to them , Declan is actually a secret billionaire and the Boss of a powerful consortium. Watch as Declan reveals his true power and takes revenge.

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21 chapters
1. One night stand
Chapter One "Oh no no no, how on earth did I get hickeys?! I’m a virgin for goodness sake!" Stella screamed with so much horror. When she opened her eyes and saw the reflection of her pale skin on the large dull mirror frame that was opposite the bed she was lying in. Stella quickly sat up and grabbed the bed sheets to cover her body, which she noticed was naked. She touched her head, which was aching badly as she tried to remember where she was and what exactly happened last night. "Did I get drunk last night? Where am I, how did I get here, and this bed sheet doesn’t feel like mine." She moaned, still confused as she looked around the room while she kept blinking her eyes. Stella tried to stand up from the bed and look for her phone when she noticed that her clothes were on the bed and there were also a man’s ragged clothes scattered around. "Arghhhh! A pervert in my bed!" Stella shouted, which made the naked and muscular man lying down beside her quickly stand up from the bed
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2. The Useless Fiancé
Chapter Two "Boss, where are we going?" Chad asked Declan who was busy on the phone. "Take me home, the Police Commission wants to see me," Declan said, his mind still on the phone as he checked the stock markets to make sure his money and investments were doing well. He usually did this at night, but last night was a mystery to him, he didn't know who the lady was and how he ended up spending the night with her. He only remembered going jogging last night, but he's a busy guy and doesn't have time to think about silly things like that. He did feel a pang of guilt, though, because the lady was indeed a virgin. Chad drove the car into a large mansion at the far end of town. The gates and walls were so high and the security so tight that the automated gates even required fingerprints before they would open. Declan stepped out of the car and into the massive living room, which had high ceilings with drooping chandeliers made of real diamonds. "Ahh, Doctor Declan. I'm so hono
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3. The Arranged Marriage
Chapter Three “He looks decent enough, we can manage him as a son In-law of this prestigious family as long as he hides his tattoos and doesn’t do anything to embarrass our reputation to the public” The room fell silent as Grandmother Kingston declared her decision ignoring the daggers Declan and Stella were sending to each other. “We're having the wedding this Sunday at the church. It will be small low key gathering , just family and close friends to avoid scandals and not to make the public suspect that Stella is only getting married because she is pregnant. The rumors will Be bad for the family business." Stella's mother tried to protest. "Mother, my daughter Stella is a pure virgin. A good girl , I know she is not pregnant and deserves to marry from a rich family or royalty. I think it's too soon to plan the wedding with this —" "No, no one dares to question my decision “ the grandmother interrupted firmly, her voice both firm and calm. "I've made up my mind, the wedding w
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4. The Jealous Sister
Chapter Four At the club, the music throbbed through the packed space, and the crowd danced under flashing lights. Declan's phone vibrated, pulling him away from the festivities. He glanced at the screen and saw that it was an emergency business call from Europe, it was concerning some stocks and investments deals so he had to pick. Excusing himself with a quick nod to Stella, he stepped outside into the quieter night air. Meanwhile, Denver, Clara’s boyfriend, leaned closer to Stella, a sly smile playing on his lips. He has always wanted Stella for himself before Clara seduced him and blackmailed him into dating her. He couldn’t resist how beautiful and sexy she looked even though she got married. He couldn’t resist her and he always had a boner just by staring at her beauty. “Just a taste of her before that her bastard nobody husband comes back “ Denver thought to himself thinking he can get away with anything since the club is busy with people just getting drunk and not
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5. Faceslap
Chapter Five As Declan and Stella moved to a quieter part of the club, a few of Denver's friends who watched the exchange between Declan and Denver, began to mock Declan. Their voices were loud and their words cut through the noise of the crowd, hurling insults towards him."He looks like he should stick to beer, doesn't he?" one of them laughed loudly, catching the attention of nearby partygoers."Yeah, can he even afford a sip of the champagne we're drinking?" another added, his tone dripping with disdain.Declan, overhearing the comments, turned to face them. His expression was calm, but his eyes were sharp. He approached the group, with Stella a step behind, observing quietly."You think I can't afford it?" Declan asked, his voice even but loud enough for others around to hear."Why don't you buy your own drink then? Show us if you can match what we drink," one of Denver's friends taunted, smirking confidently.Without responding verbally, Declan pulled out his credit card and s
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6. Spend The Night With Me
Chapter SixDenver stormed out of the VIP room, his face red with anger and embarrassment. The loud music of the club pounded in his ears as he pushed through the crowd.He was tipsy, and his vision blurred slightly, but his anger fueled him as he staggered toward the stage where the DJ was busy playing music.On stage, a young man was busy adjusting a microphone. Denver didn't care who he was; he just wanted to yell at someone, anyone since he couldn’t yell at Declan, who had embarrassed him."Hey!" Denver shouted as he climbed onto the stage. The music drowned out his voice, but he moved closer, poking the man's shoulder roughly. The man turned, surprised."Can I help you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow."You think you're so great, don't you?" Denver slurred, jabbing a finger at the man's chest."Well, you're not!"The man frowned, stepping back. "Do I know you?" he asked, clearly confused."You're about to," Denver sneered, but before he could continue, someone from the crowd shoute
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7. Dirty Strike On The Face
Chapter Seven Declan pushed his way through the crowd, his face flushed with fury. Stella stood still, her expression a mix of defiance and fear as Jacob's words hung in the air."How dare you speak to my wife like that!" Declan shouted, stepping forward to shield Stella.Jacob sneered. "It's none of your business. I'm talking to Denver and Stella."Declan's hands clenched into fists. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath to calm the storm inside him. If he lost control now, he might do something regrettable.When Declan reopened his eyes, Jacob was reaching out to touch Stella’s arm. Rage surged through Declan again.“How dare you touch my wife! Don’t make me warn you again, or you’ll be waking up in the hospital!” Declan’s voice was a low growl, barely controlled.The club had gone quiet. Everyone was watching, murmuring to each other about what might happen next.Jacob, unphased and arrogant, raised his hand, aiming to slap Declan across the face. His smirk suggested he enjoyed
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8. Crazy Mad Man
Chapter Eight As Jacob felt the sting from the slap, anger boiled up inside him. He turned to his uncle, his eyes full of fury. "You need to handle this! He's acting like a crazy mad man!" he shouted, pointing at Declan.The club owner, a tall and strong man who everyone respected, looked straight at Jacob. He spoke in a calm but firm voice, "Jacob, say sorry to Mr. Declan now, or I will stop giving you money and take away your credit cards," he said, making it clear he was serious.Jacob, feeling proud and stubborn, shook his head. "No! Why should I say sorry when—"Before he could finish, the uncle signalled to his security team. Two big men quickly came over, grabbed Jacob, and forced him to kneel in front of Declan.People around them gasped. One security guard took out a small device that made a buzzing sound, showing he meant business.It was a torturing device that can electrocute and make someone feel so much pain till the person faints. Scared of getting hurt and embarrasse
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9. The Secret Billion Dollar Organization
Chapter Nine The mood in the club calmed down as the music started again, but people were still buzzing and whispering about the drama that had happened earlier. The club owner, Uncle Jim, knew exactly why he had acted so protectively toward Declan. He had recently found out something shocking since he is into the business of hosting the super rich business moguls and top government officials of the country. He rushed to the club when he chef the security camera and saw that Declan was there but when he came he found his nephew being disrespectful and embarrassing him. Declan was supposed to take over a very secret and powerful organisation. This group had a big say in politics, the military, oil and gas, and many other businesses all over the 7 continents of the world. Uncle Jim learned this through his wide network of connections. A reliable friend in the intelligence community had accidentally mentioned Declan's role, stressing how important and far-reaching his influence was
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10. Fake Boss
Chapter Ten Clara, still laughing, turned her attention to Declan, her voice laced with mock seriousness. "I mean, look at this," she said, waving her hand dismissively. "The owner must think you're some kind of celebrity or something. Got it all wrong, huh?" Denver, who was also quite tipsy, picked up on Clara's tone and joined in the teasing. "Yeah, Declan, who did you think you were tonight? The king of the world?" he chuckled, nudging Declan in the arm. Their laughter grew louder, drawing even more attention from the people around them. They were clearly enjoying the moment because they were back to mocking Declan, their words slurring slightly as they continued to poke fun at the situation. "Seriously, Declan, I didn't know we were in the presence of royalty," Denver continued, raising his glass in a mock toast. "To Declan, the mistaken fake VIP!" he exclaimed, laughing. Clara clapped her hands, adding, "Yeah, all hail King Declan, friend of the mighty and the powerful
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