Chapter 76

“It’s mine!” She whined.

“Nuh-uh!” I hissed as I bit her hand but she still didn’t release my cookie. What the hell is wrong with this girl?

I decided to voice my thoughts, “What the hell is wrong with you?! It’s mine!”

“I touched it first!” She glared.

“I looked at it first!” I retorted, biting her hand again.

“Stop biting me, freak!” She winced.

“I’m not a freak!” If looks could kill, she'd be six feet under by now.

Suddenly, it felt like I was being lifted into the air. Ali smirked as she stuffed my cookie in her mouth.

“Don’t think that’ll stop me.” I growled as Ben threw me on the bed.

“Calm down.”

“She took my cookie!” I yelled, glaring at him.

“You ate all the other ones.” He rolled his eyes in return.


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