Chapter 23

Derrick changed the channel to MTV and we started watching that. Then, Derrick grabbed my hand and entwined his fingers with mine as I did the same with his. I had no other choice.

Actually, I did have a choice. I guess I did like Derrick, I couldn't even deny it. He was generally a great person, even if he was grouchy and seemed homophobic at first. I like Derrick.

I leaned my head against his shoulder and he leaned his head on my head.

"Awww, look at the happy couple." Tyrell snickered and Jacob laughed tauntingly. 

Derrick lifted his head and I turned and gave them my deadliest glare; they sobered up real quick. Then, my stomach had to ruin the moment by growling.

"What was that?!" Tyrell and Jacob exclaimed dramatically. Such drama queens.

"My stomach." I said quietly.

"Figured." Jacob mumbled.

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