Chapter 50

I sighed, “Me no likey, being touched.”

He tightened his hold and I sighed again.

“You’re weak, Dude. Hey, do you by any chance know where Derrick is?” I asked Ambrose and Domino

“Yes.” They smiled

“Sweet.” I smirked before throwing my head back

A groan emanated from Dude and his grip loosened a little. I did it again and he let go completely.

“That’s how I do!” I fist pounded Ambrose

The dude started running toward me until I screamed, he froze. You could see the flames behind his eyes.

I stopped because I didn’t want him to pass out or anything. He stayed standing but you could see the flames behind his eyes.

“La-dee-da-dee-da!” I sang skipping around Dude, “Ha ha.” I teased poking

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