Chapter 60

“Thank you.” Derrick chuckled nervously as he looked at the still glaring Rick and Kyle.

“Go pack your things.” I said to the girls. They nodded excitedly and ran down the hall.

“Rick, Ky, leave him alone.” I sighed, walking up to Derrick. Jimmy released him and ran off to his room to pack up.

“What’s your purpose for being with my big sister?” Rick inquired suspiciously.

“To…marry her.” Derrick said slowly as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

They watched Derrick's every movement suspiciously with slits for eyes. And then all of a sudden, they shrugged casually.

“Cool with me.” Ky shrugged.

“Yeah, that's fine by me too.” Rick nodded.

“Go pack.” I said nodding towards the hallway which Jimmy ran through a min

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