Chapter 16 (part 4)

Considering the willy of an appendage needs to be included, than just the entire body affected by the drug. Because of this thought, Patraika ordered someone to prepare another dose of the toxin. This time it will be administered around the area of the legs and hips.

They had to account for the possibility that, even if now and then the tail moves albeit, in small movements, it is not a guarantee that its non-effect will spread towards the torso and the rest of the body.

Explaining this was easy to the staff, their experience apparent, despite only doing their duty as toxin injectors for about two days, approximate. Their goal was easy, aim at the skin between the hip and leg joint, disregard targets pain reception.

Knowing the tail appendage and the legs’ anatomy meant it would be a supposed easy feat. Because of the way the hips protrude, leaving an arching space to lever that part of the thighs, it’s easy to guess without double-checking that the

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