New ERA Saga

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New ERA Saga

By: Demian Dementor CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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Nouel, an ordinary human who leads an army of cyborgs fighting against anti-government rebel forces. They focused their main attack on NewTech Industries, the company that was the foundation of the city’s weapons. As the problem went on, Nouel realized something was odd. As a genius, Nouel always has a strategy and can guess what is happening. Even prepare anticipation.

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Chapter 01 – The Raid.
Abandoned city buildings within a radius of tens of kilometers became an unpleasant sight, unkempt buildings unkempt without human activity above the sky, a helicopter unit with a futuristic design bearing the wolf logo seemed to be flying fast over the city. When the back door opened wide, a group of sophisticated, armed cyborg troops came into view. There were a total of twelve people, a man wearing futuristic armor took the lead, free-falling from a great height, which was immediately followed by eleven others.They plunged without any protection from dozens of feet. Everything landed roughly on the surface, to be precise, in front of a building that was suspected to be the location of the city's rebel troops living, a large building consisting of several floors. Four people landed on the roof of the building, the rest landed around the building.“Alpha, Beta, Gamma, move. Take down all enemies.” Nouelvaegnr or his nickname is Nouel, gives orders to all members of his team. Through
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Chapter 02 – Frightening Vision
For several seconds, Nouel, Vera and Blaicer were in pain, amidst the pain, they had visions.The city is in a state of crisis, riots occur everywhere, the government is unable to defuse the crisis, shootouts occur everywhere, Nouel and his best friend are trapped in this condition. It was there, Nouel saw his friend die with a gunshot wound right before his eyes, the vision, or vision vanished when he shook his head.“Tch, why did that also appear? I'm not a sentimental person.” Nouel grumbled under his breath.In that pain, Nouel immediately took off his helmet and glasses to eliminate his vision and stop the pain he was receiving. After being released, the attacks of headaches disappeared instantly so that Nouel immediately recovered completely, he immediately contacted Drax.“A4, did you detect it?” asked Nouel, he immediately shook his head as a vision appeared.“Yes, someone is hacking us, but don't worry, everyone's digital defense system is strong enough, I have also put up a
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Chapter 03 – Stronger Enemies Appear
After saying that, Vera immediately scanned and opened the ultraviolet vision mode, where it turned out that there were several traps in that place.“There is an invisible laser scanner, I will hack.”“No need.” Nouel didn't give permission, then he turned to one member who didn't come down. “Drax, are you still there?”“On the way down. Is there anything I can do?” replied the man from the other side.“There's a laser scanner in my path. Can you get rid of it?”“Oh, I forgot about that. I only secured the bombs planted there.”“Do it quickly, it looks like we have a guest.” Nouel looked so relaxed and calm as his gaze turned towards where the group of enemies from a distance seemed to be pointing their guns at them.“Wow, they are a little different,” commented Nouel when facing the enemy troops, who this time had different equipment and weapons than the men they had previously taken down. They look so strong.“They seemed to have been waiting for our arrival, very complete weapons.”
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Chapter 04 – Hit by Explosion
After preparing his weapon, without hesitation, Nouel came out from the hiding place, then opened fire which was different from before. The one shot he fired sent one of the enemies who was a cyborg thrown, had a seizure from being hit by an electric current, then stopped moving, the cyborg's body was smoking.“What is ....?” Vera who saw that, she was surprised she didn't expect.“As expected, my weapon will be effective.” Nouel smiled contentedly. Nouel continued, activating an energy shield that protected his body from the successive shots from the cyborgs shooting at him, he continued one or two shots that were so accurate, every cyborg that was hit by a direct shot was thrown several meters as if hit by a shot shotguns, they twitched for a moment as an electric shock surged through their bodies. When his shield is deactivated, Nouel moves fast, dodging every enemy shot that is fired at him. He kept running and jumping, making use of his war and fighting skills to avoid the oppone
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Chapter 05 – All Enemies Defeated
After eliminating the four cyborgs, Nouel sheathed both swords back in the sheaths that were behind her back, right inside her armor. He also looked around, using a hologram scanner to make sure all the cyborgs he was fighting were disabled, or indirectly it could be said to be dead.The fight is certainly not over, the sounds of gunfire can still be heard clearly from a distance, whether its shots fired by the enemy or those fired by his team members.Just finished doing a scan which indicated that there was no life from the enemies, suddenly there was a strong shake there along with a loud explosion sound.“Tch.” Nouel then jumps towards the top floor, with the technology he has, he can jump more than four meters high, easily, Nouel can reach the top floor, then walks towards the hollow wall where he previously received an explosive attack.Nouel immediately touched his communication device. “Report, what happened?”“Captain, suddenly there was an explosion everywhere.” Veliant from
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Chapter 06 – Cyborg Enemy Anomaly
The mission taken is considered successful because the rebel forces have been successfully cleaned. As a result of the explosion of the building, several members of the Wolf Team were injured, they did not die because the location was outside the explosion range, even though they were still injured. Since no one died, Nouel didn't have to mourn. Therefore, the day after the mission was completed, Nouel, who had no injuries, chose to go to the room where Professor Volkov and his team, who were the special forces' information technology team, were.Nouel sits in front of a large screen showing the vision camera footage of the cyborgs. He is currently joining a team of professionals skilled in data identification and analysis. They are examining the footage closely, looking for clues to the identity of the rebel group that was attacked by an army of armed cyborgs.While watching what was going on, no one spoke between them, all of them focused on looking at the screen that was showing al
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Chapter 07 – Breakfast at the Restaurant
The day passed, Nouel, feeling too lazy to cook, headed to a restaurant to satisfy his hunger. Fortunately, this morning he didn’t have any appointments, so he could relax a bit. As the leader of the Wolf Team, he usually had a lot on his plate, but this morning was an exception.Nouel left his apartment that morning, wearing glasses with dark blue lenses. Something unusual was happening to him, perhaps due to yesterday’s mission or for some other reason. As he entered the elevator, descending floor by floor, Nouel’s vision started to conjure up images he had never experienced before. It began with scenes from his life with a young man who was his friend, then encounters with people who didn’t exist in the present.“AI,” Nouel immediately activated his AI Assistant, which he had created to assist with tasks and activities.“Yes, Nouelvaegnr, how can I assist you?” the AI asked in a female voice.“Scan my brain, check for any side effects from yesterday’s mission. I feel like the enemy
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Chapter 08 – The Flying Board Game
Not wanting to get involved in something useless and unimportant, he walked past the group of teenagers. There was a park not far from there. That's where he was heading to spend his time.The city park was a place where the residents enjoyed recreation, with various entertainment and sports facilities available, both personal equipment and public facilities, used by the city's residents.Nouel bought a drink that had a slight bluish glow when in the dark."How do cyborgs like this detergent water?" Nouel commented on the drink. He shook his head, closed the bottle, and continued walking towards the field where teenagers were performing tricks with hoverboards.The objects they used were like skateboards but without wheels, hovering about half a meter above the ground as platforms. These boards were not cheap due to their design, shape, and the machinery that had to be adjusted to the user's size and weight.Nouel sat on the stairs where other spectators were seated around the steps.
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Chapter 09 – A New Mission
Upon arriving at the headquarters, Nouel immediately met with Professor Volkov. Without wasting any time, he greeted Vera with a warm welcome. Vera found Nouel’s behavior somewhat peculiar, as he didn’t immediately rush to meet his superior. However, Professor Volkov’s warm reception made it clear that they had a good and close relationship.“Vera, how have you been?” Professor Volkov asked, his gaze warm and gentle. From their interaction, it was clear that they had a good and close relationship.Smiling at the greeting, Vera responded politely, “I’ve been very well, as you can see.”“Don’t hesitate to talk to me if something doesn’t feel right,” said Professor Volkov, sounding like a father figure wanting to help his daughter.“I will.” Vera replied, nodding her head.Nouel interrupted their conversation, getting straight to the point. “Volkov, how’s the progress on examining those cyborgs?” Nouel’s way of speaking to the middle-aged man was casual, as if they were peers and held si
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Chapter 10 – Creating Drones
Nouel lives in an apartment that has an expensive price. This apartment is intended for people who have a lot of wealth, businessmen who have large finances. Nouel himself is not lacking in money, as a genius and as a special forces officer serving the country, he has a large income, it is only natural that he lives in a residence that has luxurious facilities.The floor of this apartment is covered with black marble tiles which look very elegant. To the left, there is a living room furnished with a large, comfortable white leather sofa. In the middle of the living room, there is a futuristic coffee table with a holographic display that presents information about the weather, current news, and so on.Beautiful city views can be seen through the tall glass windows that surround the living area. These glass windows also allow sunlight to enter the room, giving a broad and bright impression.The master bedroom is at the end of the apartment, with great views of the city from the large wi
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