Chapter 29 (part 4)

Clambering crowds began gathering at the permanent border the Primer Task Force was forced to implement throughout the area the incident affects. Almost all the manpower available in the city, counting thousands, are actively on-hand in the field where the “Dimension Pockets” appeared. Included in this is Captain Fairmont who is now spearheading a new team the moment they arrived back from A-city, even if they volunteered to stay there and help with the militia forces to monitor and suppress the Primers, they were asked by Prof. Tenorio himself to go back so that they could be replaced properly.

Their return hadn’t turned in a week and they were already busy on hand. Tark, Stant, and Libi stayed on service with Captain Fairmont, being veterans in their group but not raising any ranks or establishing grounds for them to be “over-glorified.” Pyko had to file for a transfer to D-city, not that there was not enough “excitement&rdq

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