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By: Dina Sylvia OngoingSci-Fi

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Takuya Tetsuya embarks on a long journey in parallel, bound in a super-advanced technological system that will take tens of millions of years. He also contributed to the advancement of technology, which enabled him to master the Maharaja of the Galaxy. Because of the reduction of dimensions from various directions. The sky began to discover a new and mysterious point of technology. Will the same thing happen in the new galaxy? Or will Heaven be their final destination?

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  • Happiness Egberi


    Interesting, only if the author will keep updating

    2022-12-17 14:35:13
  • Abei Angami


    interestingly it passes away my time while reading

    2022-07-15 07:39:54
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27 chapters
Chapter 1: New Galactic
A galaxy exists among the millions of planets at the center of the vast universe. Millions of planets revolve and rotate around the largest blue planet at the same time. A technological civilization began to spread throughout the universe in this galaxy as well.However, all matter outside the galaxy began to be blocked by a protective layer of light, making it extremely difficult to approach this galaxy. From the past to the present, all of the stars revolve around the galaxy. The Milky Way is known as the center of the universe.This is also where the galaxy began to be created, and where the civilization of the Maharaja of the Galaxy began to be created. This Galactic Maharaja Civilization was established thousands of years ago by a King. He has conquered all civilizations in the universe and has contributed to the advancement of technology as a whole.This Galaxy Maharaja has been standing here happily for thousands of years. But no one knows how advanced this G
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Chapter 2: Heaven, Are You Ready?
1Heaven's universe network is already linked to the universe in which you are currently located.You have ascended to the position of supreme possessor of this universe level."What? It is, however, intriguing." Takuya Tetsuya, with his charisma, said.One of the intriguing things is the Cosmic Etymology Network, which Takuya Tetsuya is still responsible for developing.When Takuya Tetsuya entered the Cosmic Etymology Network, one of the first things he saw was an online video.Animation channels, taekwondo arts channels, tabemono channels, ichigatsu channels, technology channels, and other channels are all available.Takuya grimaced as all of the channels suddenly flashed with a peculiar golden lettering.Is this a world from science fiction?Or is it a new civilization from the farthest reaches of the universe?Is the Galactic Maharaja society a one-of-a-kind culture if this is science fiction?2"Sorry, King," Angelina responded, "I can't hear anything."Angeline sought to manage
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Chapter 3: Queen Catherine
1The sci-fi civilization video begins to play under the auspices of the entire universe.The content of this sci-fi civilization video is undeniable, and it has certainly surprised many people.Previously, science fiction civilization videos revealed a variety of supernatural and non-science fiction war weapons.In fact, it caught everyone off guard!For example, Mike Wilson, the King of Greece, is one of the cruelest rulers in the world.However, there are several other saints on the list besides Mike Wilson. One of them has an abundance of innate treasures.And Dark Johnson is thought to be a more terrifying mythological figure, which has shocked Heaven!Surprisingly, only technology is absent from the list.Even though we are currently reliant on technology, how can it not be included in the list? Will technology be obsolete in the future?People who are not on the list but are new to technology have the same thought.Technology may be powerful today, but we have no idea what will
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Chapter 4: New Civilization?
1Science Fiction Civilizations Inventory in the Universe: The 10 Strangest Powers of Science Fiction Civilizations! Supernatural three-dimensional sacred civilization of ten.Reasons for inclusion on the list: Having super-advanced technology, increasing war power, interplanetary combat power, and the ability to cross between universes.For the first time, the list has been updated.There are numerous universes, ranging from the god world, the Anima universe, the world that first began to watch over the sky, to the perfect world, and the powerhouse of the prehistoric world is on its way.Despite coming from different worlds, they are only interested in learning about the civilizations that exist in this universe.But that civilization list can be considered one of the strongest, right?But why is the name always different?When looking at the tenth list, it appears that the name of the Trikomunika civilization is present.People in Heaven were overjoyed, but people on Earth had a dif
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Chapter 5: Trikomunika Civilization
It was discovered by the civilizations present that the image was indeed from the universe and had been purposefully sent to the galaxy.The five stars shine brightly.The Tricommunic civilization lives in a Tricommunic galaxy that was formed by five stars."What? Five out of five? What caused it to happen?" Yuta Watanabe stated"But will anything bad happen when the five stars come together?" Uchiha Madara wondered."What happened?" Lili San inquired."When the five stars align, a civilization can face grave danger." For example, the universe will experience extreme cold and extreme heat. And another terrible thing, possibly a major disaster, will occur." Philip described himself as the wealthiest person."However, if you look at the stars, they are quite lovely." "How long can you continue to destroy civilization?" Sensei Nikimura stated."Well, anything is possible here because nothing is possible. But we're not humans; we're immortals here!" Mark Lee stated."Ahh, that's right, I
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Chapter 6: Is It Dream?
1Many shocking civilizations exist in three-dimensional civilizations in Heaven or the world.One of them is the miserable life of the Trikomunika civilization.How can their names be on that list for such a sad life?How is that possible?Meanwhile, they always looked down while watching videos of Trikomunika civilization.Humans, in particular, who live in a three-dimensional universe.All of the universe's leaders.All civilizations began to observe this scene."So, this is a Tricomunia civilization creature?"When the Trikomunika creature appeared and for the first time saw the enemy on Earth, one of the humans began to open his mouth.The man had an unusual appearance.Eril frowned, sensing that something strange had occurred in the Trikomunika civilization.This video may give you a bad feeling.The three-dimensional problem is indeed described in an unusual manner. It was possible that the human traitors would wreak even more havoc. As a result, humans began to relax their vig
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Chapter 7: Is It From God?
A few years later, the image reappeared.Three-dimensional civilization has long since passed.However, they are uniquely able to withstand natural disasters quickly, causing a large boom in technology.Trikomunika's technology exploded, leaving nothing behind!They began to construct a massive warship.They develop high-tech weapons that are much larger than conventional bombs.Even technology can receive signals from other planets.Humans in the three-dimensional realm became concerned and anxious after witnessing this development.Isn't that bright star the Earth?Is it true that the Earth is a part of their universe?Is it because of this earth's presence that the coordination of the human planet began to be detected, and is this one of the Trikomunika civilization's targets?They are, however, one of the three-dimensional monitors tasked with monitoring this video. He has no desire to welcome Earth as an enemy after receiving clear information that it is a beautiful place.Finall
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Chapter 8: Leave It or Life?
The assistant secretary of state then spoke up in the video."Perhaps by the time we arrive on Earth, Earth's civilization will have far surpassed ours.""Because the location of our civilization is now known, Earth's interstellar fleet could attack our planet to avoid future dangers." But, of course, before anything bad happens, our civilization will be overrun by Earth creatures."The bright future had suddenly turned bleak, and the hall fell silent for a brief moment.All of the Trikomunika remained silent and thought."How can humans progress so quickly?" Opie Aladine stated."Of course, if their only goal is to pursue technology, this is impossible." Of course, this race has a lot of potential," Ray Wilson said."I believe that every human being has potential, but it is up to each individual to decide whether or not to develop." Kiko responded."As long as we're alive, we've got a chance?" As we have always recognized, every race has the potential to develop." said one of the rob
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Chapter 9: Project Shopia
"We named it Project Sophia!" exclaimed the Three-dimensional Head, raising his gaze to the sky, "Everyone, please pay attention now!"However, when the three-dimensional head's voice said a few words, the civilization of the universe paid close attention to it, even looking up at the sky.Adam began pointing to the sky, and Harden began to look in that direction, where he noticed a ring planet in the sky and a metallic glow in the sun."It appears that I'm familiar with that location; is that the location where the next fleet will be built?""No, it's one of the locations where the massive particle accelerator will soon be built. While the plan for the next fleet is uncertain, all resources will be drawn from the Sophia project.""The Sophia Project!""That's right, at least a lot of people are aware of this plan. Now I'll ask the assistant secretary of state to summon everyone to come and hear this plan.""I understand exactly what this plan means, but please understand that it will
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Chapter 10: Filament?
In the video, the sound starts offevolved to sound once more.After some tries, the failure befell once more.The sound began out to forestall. In the video, a one-dimensional filament starts offevolved to fall withinside the sky of the Trikomunika civilization. Under the an increasing number of shiny sunlight, the room close to the floor commenced to fill with diverse small flashes. The solar and stars commenced to be surrounded with the aid of using silver velvet.The 3-dimensional guy commenced to pop out geared up with diverse lumps, till a small flash of mild commenced to seem while the person began out to walk.As they entered the room, one-dimensional filaments commenced to glow like mild. They commenced to transport after which the mirrored image of the filaments commenced to appear like they had been tracing the annoying form of the air round them.Uniquely, those filaments can most effective be visible in mild however can not produce the feeling of touch. Of direction it`s p
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