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By: Zerequiel OngoingSci-Fi

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What is justice? In the Utopian man-made society build on the moon. Ishvah , a humble doer. When tragedy struck in his life. He had lost his reason for existence. He became a hero for his followers. A rebel for the authorities. No matter what , he will claim his justice. How he can win from his former masters? He will succeed? Or be condemned?He is aiming for a betterment of their society? Or he just wanted the power, for himself?

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There are flashing lights in the skies. The mist blurred my vision. I can hear him, gasping for breath. He needed help. I am footsteps, away from him. No one can predict this will happen. His former, his excellency Regerry Reginald. Once, he was worshiped like a god. But now, I am hunting him like prey. In the past, how noble he is, every time he is speaking with his people. But now, he is crawling on his feet. Trying everything, to get away from me. As I come closer. I can see his oxygen mask, on the red line. He is losing his supply. With only ten percent left. Surely he cannot make it. His people are waiting for his head. The former chief minister of Atheos. The group of most intelligent members of the thinker. Thinkers- the learned ones, the masters. The doer- the slaves. Almost thousands of years are already passed. Since humans decided to conquer the universe. They travel out, into the cosmos. Seeking adventure, dreaming always for the best. We are here on the moon. It se
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Identical twin
His face became gloomy. "Reginald wanted to impose a new law. It is to eradicate any babies who will not pass the standard." "I am not surprised. We know that he always wanted control. How did he sugarcoat that mass murder of the innocents? " "Tammy plays music. I want rock music." We are now surrounded by loud sounds, right now. He swiftly comes to my side. "Please be careful with your words. You know that Regerry Reginald sees me as his enemy. I am not surprised if someone is tracking me." His nervousness was clearly shown on his face. "Sorry. I forget that. What is your plan now?" "I am not sure about that. Surely, Reginald will not stop pushing his agenda." We almost whispering, now. "How about other members of Atheos?" "They will never support me. Some of them also have their interests to protect. Few are crippled by fears. Others by fears." He looked away. Feeling hopeless for his cause. "What now? You will accept your defeat." Looked at him, intensely. "It's not
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" I agree with you. He is our only hope." They are now cheering. Shouting my brother's name. I am not happy with this. I am sure they will make way, sending their grievances to my brother. Knowing my brother. I am he will take action. That may start, with something bigger. I am afraid that I could not stop them. I know that Regerry Reginald. Is the type of a leader, who never sits still. Doing nothing. He is not human anymore. He is evil. I quickly escaped through the crowd. I needed to protect my brother. I could not sleep. As a habit. I write down all the thoughts in my head. Side effects of too much reading are writing. Keeping a journal. That my brother should never read. Was a craziness for me. But I could help it. To, my sanity. It is a necessity for me, to do it. Saturday Evening. I packed my clothes Important documents, everything I will need. Chaos is knocking on our door. It is too late now. There's nothing we can do. Their hatred becomes a bomb. Waiting for the
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Death March
From the window. I can see the group of uniformed personnel. No time to think. I needed to leave this building, immediately. Before leaving I erase all the things that can be used against him. When I meter away Secure my safety. I hit the trigger. An explosion can be heard coming from the building. The uniformed personnel had no choice but to retreat. The fire consumes everything. The rebellion has started. No one can stop it now. I needed to move quickly. Looking for him ll never be easy I needed to protect him. The whole street looked like an abandoned city. I cannot see any human being. I run. Hide if I can hear the siren of the roving patrol cars. The whole place is surrounded by military vehicles. I do not have any idea, how I can enter it. Suddenly, one uniform personnel noticed me. " Hey, stop! Show me your face." I did not stop or look backward. I run as fast as I could. Now, I caught their attention. Seems I am hopeless now. "Hey! Stop! Or else I will shoot you!" Th
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"We needed to destroy their belief that they were untouchables. I want them to realize that they are the same ass. " Dean strongly suggests. " The seed of truth is already planted. We need to act now. To test how it was grown." "I suggest destroying their food supply. I am sure it is his huge blow for them." Mr. Mechanic thinking about how we can easily cripple the economy. " Forgive me. But I think we need first to ensure our preparedness. How about our gathering of information, Mr. Ishvah?" I had known his attention. I quickly stand up to present the result of our team. We must gather information If possible recruit new members. " I want to inform this committee. We are successful in getting the support of those working on transportation. The weapons we needed is already been transported." "That's good to hear." "What we are waiting for? I suggest we need to take action, now." Mr. Mechanic strongly suggests a sudden invasion of Atheos. " Yes. Indeed, almost prepared for
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First Blow
"Fears make us stagnant. The desire that pushed our forefathers to conquer the universe. Had been lost. They steal away. Our ability to make dreams and turn them, into reality. If we let this continue, it can lead us to, extinction. We are destined, for more. Now, you had a choice. Join us, together we will fight for a better future. Or let drowned in your illusion. It is now. Or forever be afraid." As Mr. Bartender gives his speech. The communication building is currently under attack. It is seized by the military. They trying to come inside the building.When the military was now inside the building. A missile has been fired unto the building. That makes it, rubble into pieces. No one comes out alive. We are watching the whole thing on our monitor. First, it was shouting out of suprised. Later on. I can hear them, crying. "How you can predict that Reginald could make such a decision?" Mr. Bartender could not believe what he saw. It was still a big surprise to him. Reginald could
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"Sorry. Your Excellency Regerry Reginald, you are four years late. You cannot inflict anything on a ghost-like me." He is laughing hearing the order of Reginald. We just smiled at him. Reginald is wrong in one thing. It was not Mr. Bartender who hold us, together. It is the misery we shared. It is the pain. Pushing ourselves, forward. We are all ghosts. Seeking justice. " We are still not getting the support of many. Especially from the members of thinkers. They view us, as rebels. They still not believing, in our cause." He already sitting, comfortable. Studying all the information in his hand. "It will never be an easy task. Freeing them, from the delusion. I believe it needs time ." I admit. I felt some hatred for the fools continuing to believe in their false promises. " I am thinking about approaching them, personally. Let them hear what the things, we are fighting for. I am not losing hope. There is still a chance to change their mind. That's why I am going to talk to them pe
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Attack him where he is unprepared, appear when you are not expected. --Art of War "Me. Bartender supposedly have a back door negotiation with the members of thinkers. But sadly, you already know. How it ended." "You cannot trust them. What are you thinking about our next move? " Mr. Mechanic could conceal his hatred. "I am planning to hear a concert. With your respected prisoner. Did he still alive?" I gave Mr. Mechanic a curious look. "Of course, he is. He is still breathing. I checked him, this morning." I see, wickedness in his smile. "Breathing but not moving? What is the information? You got from him." "Well, after some creative ways that I am employed on him. He gives us, some information that I believe is valuable to us." " I still wanted to verify all the information. He gave us. Just to be sure." " That's what I am thinking, too. But they are something that I believe you must give more of your attention." "What do you mean by that?" "Is what do they call Operation
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"Eliminate them? It will be easier than done? Look what the things, we already achieved. Nothing. All we have done is create a small scale of chaos. Yes, I do admit. We are successful in inflicting fears among members of Atheos. But the sad fact is we lost our leader. People see us not as heroes but as rebels. How we can make them believe. That all of this is for them?" I can see the frustration on Mr. Mechanic's face. "I do, agree. It seems that the people don't trust us enough. Especially now, that we lost our leader." Dean almost cried saying these words. "Why did you suggest?" "We need to elect our new leader. Then make it known to people." Mister Mechanic suggests. The council members are now whispering to each other. I don't understand what they are saying. When suddenly stand up. "Listen! Everybody, please" He is now getting their attention. "Okay. Thank you very much. May I suggest that we appoint Ishvah to be put the permanent head of our group?" "I think, we should n
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"We need to give it all . I don't want to regret anything. Failure is never be an option." Suddenly a young officer rushing to enter the room, without even knocking. "Excuse me, gentlemen." He is catching his breath. He cannot even start his start. The emergency alarm system, ring. Everyone are surprised but we chose to listen to the messenger. "What is happening? " "Atheos is already found us. They preparing to attack us." "Okay, you already know what you are going to do." As I calmly order them. "Yes, sir." As they jointly answer me. They hurriedly left for there designated post. As I walk through the exit door. As I enter , the control room I find them they all so silent, waiting for my next order. "Dean, What is the situation right now?" "The troops are already prepared to evacuate. Some of them are already left. " "What is the exact percentage?" "I estimated that more than 50 percent of our troops are on their flight right now." He even show me the monitor. Pointin
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