Chapter 34 (part 1)

Chapter 34

Archives don’t lie when they’re recorded, they fill in the blanks for so many people who seek information if it’s available. If not, who else but archivist’s eager to fill the void of the missing data will pull their strings to occupy that lost knowledge?

As for this case, splitting them into several copies in assurance it will not be lost has become a habit for several people in answer to resolve any data corruption that can happen at any time. Lost files and deteriorating data will still have a chance to live for another day in someone’s hungry mind if logs of reports and the like will never be voluntarily kept into at least five pathways of storage.

That is basically what most of the time Prof. Tenorio’s private assistant’s job is while he is away in the field. Several times in the day, the professor would send them to be able to log files of different kinds, ranging from videos to written reports they could barely read. Time runs fast when they busy themselves backing u
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