Liumira - The Awakening

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Liumira - The Awakening

By: Ocean Ed Fire CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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Once upon a time, there was a planet named Earth. 950 years ago, while this planet was in war with an alien race, a ship named Admiral Uzake was taking supplies to the Moon bases. This was its last journey but not a single soul knew that at the time. As the ship was under heavy attack, something unknown happened and it found itself on a new world later was going to be known as Liumira. The Green Land. The planet had a magical energy and had the most powerful forces. So began the journey of those people. But their destiny was written in a negative way for starter. 950 years after the war, this planet has bloomed and got many things. Mages, talented beings, energetic beings and still the same beings as human species named Vietal. But there is a war coming. A war that will change the faith of the universe. The war between the Masters and the Builders that is ongoing for millions of years. Once again, the faith of two irrelevant worlds will unite and the future will be written from the past, the present and the future itself. A virus that is spread to all over the universe to find that special energy finds a way to Liumira and also Earth. The war that was behind the dimensions will infect this dimension as well. But nothing is how it seems to be. This is an epic journey of super powers, gods and low level beings in the evolution scale. Sit tight and let this visually rich story take you to a journey that is different from anything you have ever seen.


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                                                                                                                           Golmira                                 &n
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                                                                                                                          Zuana                                       &n
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                                                                 Tone Aise                                                                32.11.3243   All days and nights, every moment of her life, Utia worked and worked and worked hard. Life was about to understand
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                                                                    Liumira    A chronology of LiumiraLiumira is a beautiful planet by its nature. It is full of life and a mixed energy of all kinds.Here is a short chronology of the planet since the big events that occurred by intelligent life.Golmira was destroyed by Earth people named Vietal.An unknown quake weakened the Vietal to the lowest.The rise of Tigarid – East Sun people.The greatest forest fire happened in Kwena and many species ceased to extinct
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                                                                  Fonare                                                               32.11.3243   “I need my bag. Oh! For Fonare’s sake! I’ll be back in no time!” said Uzei and went down the s
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                                                                  Kwena                                                                 33.11.3243   At the beginning there was fire. A blue, powerful, and glowing fire. At the beginning, before these known races
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                                                                   Fonare                                                                  32.11.3243  He could sense the energies moving throughout his body. They were soft and nice. He felt two tiny hands over his
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                                                         Golm Neest - Vietal                                                                 32.11.3243   History is full of lies. That can’t be even argued. But people love to do that. Probably they like to be heard, appreciated for their intelli
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