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By: Trevor.M.Muma OngoingSci-Fi

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"Xenda’s Game ‘Guardians of the Infinity Stones." is a thrilling space odyssey that explores the boundaries of power, love, and the uncharted territories of the universe. Will the Guardians fulfill the prophecy and safeguard the Stones, or will the galaxy succumb to the looming darkness that hungers for the ultimate power they possess? The fate of existence rests in the hands of those brave enough to become the guardians of destiny itself.

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I stood still on blue gut. My glowing sword still dripping from the slime blue gut. I looked at the monster that stood about five feet from me. Smoke coming out of its nostrils. Its face was long, with a long nose that might be from my elbow to my shoulder.And the damn thing was transparent, allowing me to see its disgusting inside. but I have seen worse that it. It screamed as loud as it could — presumably calling for its friends. But I needed to hurry with this or I was done.I looked above my head and there was still a four hovering on top. Which made my anger bubbling inside me. I needed to level up if I was to survive another day. Looking at my life, I was remaining with my last one.Maybe I needed alliances I can trust. Because the bastards I have been working with have done nothing but just protect me for a while. I needed friends I can trust with my life. But it was not easy to find such in the game full of thieves.“I’m sorry about these Hives, but I need to survive as well,
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I touched my left ear and my helmet came on. Then, using my right leg, I kicked my let foot and my boosters turned on. And I went flying into space. Making sure ugly doesn’t catch me with his spaceship. Because he was just a few paces away from me.I dodged a rock and then sucked another rock as I jumped into planet Vanguard. The planet that is full of nothing but rocks. No wonder it was only inhabited by rocky people. At least that was what I knew, and those were the people I saw the last time I visited the place.I landed on the ground but made sure I didn’t step on the lava. Then I turned at a corner as I saw two of the rocky people approaching. Allowing them to see me was something I wasn’t going to risk. One because I wasn’t supposed to be here without being called by their planet lord. And secondly, because I recently stole something from them and I’m still a fugitive.I heard a space ship land and then people running toward it. Probably to see the intruder and kill him before h
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I sat on the couch, trying to catch my breath after what I just went through. But I know my running isn’t over because of the people that wanted me dead. But I was home now. In planet, Yoda, it was a planet for all. Aliens and other things I don’t even know how to better describe them. And robots.But since I was home, they had no way of getting me. Well, they can follow me, but they knew they wouldn’t get me here. So, they always wait I do something stupid to end up on their planet and then they will make me pay for what I have done.But I need to find a buyer for the diamond I held in my position before they come looking for it or hire someone that will care less if he kills me or anyone in his way. If it was as valuable as ugly said it was, then they will surely do something to get it back from me.The inside was lit with blue lights. But some parts had white lights. Overall, the whole space ship looked perfect. I have been leaving here ever since I decided to be independent and mo
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I landed my ship at the center of the town. Then I opened the door and went out. The outside was light. And plant Gog was the only planet that was lit. The rest of the planets, at least the ones I have seen, were all dark. Night every time.The building looked perfectly done. They worsted a lot of time on them for them to look this beautiful and they were tall. Majority of them seemed to have been about ten and above floors. All kinds of people moving up and downs.And because of me, they began making robots that look like me. Not the same face or body or color, just the type. Human type. And I saw the ugliest things present. But I just passed them as I made my way to the stole.I pushed open the door and the man just smiled at me. “What do you have for me today?” he asked as I walked to the counter.The place glittered with all kinds of precious stones, rings and all kinds of glittery thing you could ever think of. But they all seemed to be kept in some kind of cubed glass that was n
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What was with the diamond? What was so important or scary about it? Dra refuses to buy it because there was something with it that he feared. That he was not supposed to be in possession of it if he was to live another day.Then this woman shows up and tries to beat the leaving hell out of me because it meant that much that she gets the stone.Was that why ugly was so determined to get it? What wealth did he mean it meant to the lord of their planet? Was it just because it was expensive or was it just priceless? Dear to the heart.Something was up with it and I might have just stepped into yet the worst thing to ever happen to me.“You just needed to act clever, didn’t you,” she whispered as she paced up and down in the cell they locked us up in.The place was dim, the only sources of light came outside the passageway. At the center of the cells was a vast hole down. Where it led, I do not know, and I didn’t want to find out.“Well, it’s pointless now. Because they will surely come an
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We sat there for a while, all in silence. Why would she allow her father to rule all the galax? I know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but this sounds wrong.I’m the least people to talk about wrong doing because I steal from people to make a leaving. That is my job. But going as far as having the all galaxy to yourself sounds just wrong. The circle of life should just go the way it’s supposed to go.We all leave in our respective planets and carry on just like that.I looked at her and found her looking at me as well. But she looked apologetic, or some expression that looked sad.Then, before I even asked, she spoke, “I know what this looks like, Trevor. I don’t like you and I don’t need to answer to you. But if we are working together to get out of here, you might as well know I don’t want father to get the infinite stones,” she spoke and walked to sit with me.And my little friend down twitched at her gesture. “You are a thief, but I know you have a good heart. Please, I
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We sat there all day. We even refused to go outside for some fresh air. But we had a visitor. But only to tell us that we will be locked until we are punished for causing the damage we did. And that they will get our money.We didn’t argue. We just allowed the man to tell us whatever he was sent to tell us. But they also seemed to not know that the father of the woman they were talking about was the most feared lord all over the planets.We allowed that to slide as well. We have other things we need to attend to. But I was relieved because he mentioned nothing about the infinite stone of mischief. Which means they touched nothing that belongs to us.The food they brought us just sat there ever since they brought it. We just carried on formulating a plan to leave the place because Maggie was able to sense her people. They were near, and we needed to hurry the hell up.But Talon was already working on something with the forks he got from our food. I wonder why they even thought it best
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We finally to put our plan into motion after Maggie nearly had a nervous breakdown after realizing her people were only about three planets away.Talon was ready to do his computer things. And Twelve was also ready to go and get my ship wherever they put it. But that was for him to figure out. I was good with my part of the plan.Make sure Talon reaches the control room and then we can bust our asses out of this godforsaken place. Not to forget Maggie will keep the guards distracted by whatever she will come up with.All I was hoping for was for the plan to work. Or will die. Well, I needed to only make sure I survive what was coming our way. Look after me.But I also didn’t want them to die. I still have doubts about trusting them into helping me find the infinite stones. Not my idea, but it seemed pretty fear. Hence, I needed them all live because they all have their special skills.Mostly Talon. He is a cat and yet he can do wonders. What he did with the forks was impressive enough
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We all pointed our guns at each other. The lord of my planet looking at me with angry eyes. Rage burning in them.I couldn’t kill her. Shooting her would invite war. They would all want to kill me for that. And I don’t need the whole planet on my back chasing the leaving hell out of me.The infinite stones were enough to worry about. I don’t need that on my back at the moment. I risked a glance as Talon and he silently told me we need to hurry the hell up before we all die here.“Drop your weapons,” she spoke.She was the goddess of beauty on the planet. No wonder they made her the lord of the planet. With a slim, perfect body that would have every man running after her or looking as she passes by.“Try anything and we will kill you. I know you think you are clever. You have escaped every time we have something on you. Or that idiot has kept you out of trouble because deep down, he thinks you are his son. But what you did today was enough to have us lock you up,” she spoke with a grin
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I took my pouched that contained the infinite stone. And looking inside, it was there. Talon took his things and that of Twelve and I just got things for me and Maggie.Then we rushed outside. Running to the door as fast as we could. The guards were not much now. The drones did an amazing job at that, and the prisoners came in hands.Overall, our work was reduced.Finally, we reached the gate and with just one touch at the screen that hovered in the air, Talon opened the gate and we found them waiting outside on my ship.“You are safe, my beautiful Ive. They didn’t touch, did they?” I spoke as I entered my ship.They all just looked at me. Questionably. But there was nothing to be surprised about this. People name their things all the time.“Let’s just go before they come here,” I spoke and went to sit at the drivers sit.“I will not allow you to drive us. I will take the lead. You just follow. You failed to operate things inside there until I came in,” Talon spoke and sat on the othe
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