Meanwhile, in the school clinic. Vincent is now laid on the bed and was resting. Next to him is the Philips twins, and the girl he saved is still unconscious. The nurse asked Champ to leave since he still has a class to attend to, Champ agreed and left the room. The nurse then grabbed a clean wet cloth to clean Vincent’s wound. And when she was about to dab it on him, she realized that there are no wounds. It’s just blood. She put her hand on his chest and closed her eyes.

“Weird… He received a hundred and fifty blows from Norman, and yet no broken bones nor no wounds, just blood. “ says the nurse.

Jamie who is sitting besides her sister stood up and looked at Vincent.

The nurse and Jamie exchanged confused looks. The nurse continued on cleaning the blood. She put the bloody cloth on the sink and sat besides Vincent to check if there really was no injuries.

“Exhaustion. Norman knocked him out cold so it is normal he is asleep. But, Norman also told me that this kid is full of wounds f
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