Vincent brought his injured classmate to the school clinic. Once he lay her on the bed, he immediately went outside to leave the girl alone with the school nurse. He then started to walk back to his next class hoping that Champ has brought his bag with him so he wouldn’t have to climb ten floors just to get his bag in an occupied room. The bell rang and Vincent is still at the second floor of the Queen’s building and his class is supposed to be at the Bravery building’s fifth floor. Despite hearing the bell ring, Vincent just relaxed and kept on walking until he took a right and suddenly a panting girl bumped into him. The girl fell on the ground, and she struggled to stand up, maybe because of exhaustion or maybe there’s another group of bullies chasing her. Vincent balled his fists, getting ready to attack. He casually faced the hallway that the girl came from and no one was there, he looked at the girl again and noticed that she is his classmate, he doesn’t know the name but Vincen
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