Earth Is In Trouble But With The System, Escape Earth..

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Earth Is In Trouble But With The System, Escape Earth..

By: Raishico CompletedFantasy

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Earth Is In Trouble But With The System, Escape Earth, Make A Comeback. Earth is suddenly hit by an earthquake effectively eliminating a large percentage of the human population. Entering the Era of Apocalypse. The Void-Hell caused everything to mutate, superhuman's & transcendence, mythical beasts, primordial herbs, divine artifacts. The millennium surge - Nephilims, Fallen Angelous. Abyssal Abaddons, the harvesters of planet, Behemoth that spreads corruption. The mysterious "Watcher" that watches the world's fate. To Defend earth and eliminate these Overpowered Monsters. The Spirit System teleported Manasi Shalom Into a superior planet and brought advanced technology and spellbooks. Humanities protector - the Judges and Seers. Manasi Shalom's two adapted adorable daughters are all dangerous.

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  • Paul Hogan


    good book. would love to read the second

    2022-07-18 15:26:21
  • Jeward Juntila


    Good novel

    2021-11-01 19:16:32
  • Raishico


    Meowk, I lab stories

    2021-10-31 00:38:57
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206 chapters
Chapter 1 Seers
Earth's Calendar Year 2050After the great war that shuffled the power structure, the Eastern Nation became one of the four main powers on Earth, ruled bythe federal government of De Crusader. A modernized country where people strive to reach the apex of technology. At this time, a young man was strolling quietly down the wide street in Darian City, which was under federal government rule. Cars were passing, and people were smiling and having fun. A little girl with ebony-black hair and a pink skirt above her knee carries a basket full of brightly colored roses.  She intends to sell them to neighboring couples. The little girl knows that it is better to sell flowers to lovers.  So, she had the courage to walk in front of them, lovely lips on her face. But alas, she was not paying attention to the pile of pebbles, and she accidentally
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Chapter 2 Tragedy
"What just happened?" Manasi had a lot of questions. He contemplated for a moment before continuing to eat.  Suddenly, the room shook.  "Earthquake?"  Then the tremors started to intensify.  'Splash!' Manasi's noodles were strewn across the table. The hot water from the noodles almost spilled on him.  As the tremor grew more dangerous, he suddenly thought of Mr. Dave's words about the destruction of the world.  He didn't believe it, but since the trembling didn't stop, he started to seriously consider it. The trembling grew stronger and stronger. He had a feeling of crisis in his heart; he was in danger. He was thinking of going out when suddenly the dust fell from the ceiling.  The cracks in the wall gradually appeared and continued to spread. "What is happening?" He could feel his heart beating faster. His hands are shaking. "If this situat
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Chapter 3 System
Manasi's consciousness returned, as he slowly opened his eyes, and he was inside this white room with no chair or decoration, absolutely nothing! "Hm?" "Where is this place?" He thought for a moment, then started recalling what had happened. He was injured because of the car that hit him, so he tried to lift his arm without difficulty. "Impossible, I'm healed?" Manasi couldn't believe it. He knew how heavily injured he was. He could move his arms like normal and without a scratch while clenching his fist.  Unlike when he was hit by the car, almost all of his arm bones were fractured. "Maybe this is heaven?" Manasi said while trying to move his legs. He could regularly move his legs, and it's completely healed. He then touched the left side of his body, and it was also healed. "What the?" Manasi said something was out of place. He slowly stood up but found his legs just waving like he was
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Chapter 4 Desolate Planet
As Manasi prepared to teleport to another world, he remembered his guard friend, Jorge, the one he was trying to save in the building. "Spirit System, please check a person named Jorge at a place not far from where we merged." "Contractor, you mean the guy who was lying by the side of the street in a blue suit with his legs broken?" Spirit System "Yes, how did you know?" It mystified Manasi how precise the Spirit System is in recognizing a person.  "Contractor, when I came near you, he was watching in your direction until his last breath.' Spirit System  Manasi could only close his eyes and slowly accept Jorge's death. "I met Jorge two years ago when I moved out of the church and stayed in the apartment. Jorge, who is in his thirties, has a wife. And their little kid is three years old this year." "At that time, Jorge and I became brothers, because Jorge's wife often came to visit the apartment building and gave her h
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Chapter 5 Hadum Dragon
  "Spirit System, use [Observer] in this world and find the closest shelter." Manasi said while trying to cover his face from the sun.   'Contractor, this desolate planet has a surface area much larger than Earth, after all it is a high rank planet.'   'It's a thousand times larger than the Earth, and it had substantial limitations. It would take a months to fully scan this world.' Spirit System    Manasi contemplated for a moment and then saidRead more
Chapter 6 S-Rank Item
Most of Sage's words are just taunts and insults, a common strategy to distract his enemies' concentration but very effective in battle.  They become serious as the patterns on their body tattoos start to light up a deep blue color. They appear to be extremely scary. When Manasi saw their transformation, he became their fan. They looked very great. Every time they wield their swords, a shock wave of blue color is propagated.  It's like painting their surroundings with blue paint. The crowd grew excited as the Sage warriors used their true strength.  "It's what I call an epic battle. Watching experts fight benefits me a lot."   "Watching the experts fight brightens the mind. Maybe I can learn some kung-fu from them." Manasi greatly benefited from the struggle of the sages. 'It would be great if I had that kind of ability They could read their thoughts if they wanted, so the Spirit System replied.<
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Chapter 7 Mother Ship
  In outer space.   Inside the Mothership.   A three-meter tall humanoid beast could be seen, carrying in its right hand the corpse of a male Sage.   When the three-meter-tall beast pushed open the fleshy door.   Inside the room are collections of different types of humanoid monsters.   Some bodies were hung upside down. It was simply a slaughterhouse.  
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Chapter 8 Earth Invaders
  "Spirit system, I'm entering!" Said Manasi solemnly. When Manasi was about to enter the enormous facility, a notification suddenly popped into his mind.  'Beep! Beep!' [Earths' notification update.] He frowned, knowing that only the biggest events on the planet would be announced. Manasi thinks for a moment.  "Spirit System, open the notification." He said solemnly. 'Yes, Contractor.' Spirit System  [Earth notification update: The Four Major Nations have brought all national governments together. In an agreement to create an alliance to address global issues on behalf of the peace treaty.  They call the alliance of the federal world government the [Salvation Crusade]. The project of the 'salvation crusade' is to restore the destroyed structures of all nations.]  'Contractor, this could be considered good news.' Spirit System  Manasi sighed in relief. Suddenly
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Chapter 9 Sage Hadem
  'Beep!' 'Beep!' 'Beep!' The hologram begins to flash and shows a person with similarities to humans. The sage was 2.5 meters tall and wore a blue robe. "Hmm? a sage race?" Manasi thought, then started to speak. "Hello stranger, My name is Hadem Ironforge. We are the race of the Sages, known for our intellect and wisdom across the vast universe." He said this while taking a deep breath. "Stranger, if you've seen this recording, it means our race is over. The end of our race is caused by our madness.  We are so dependent on our intellect that we despise the other races who have caused our destruction.  The sages were too proud to befriend other races, and we paid dearly for our arrogance. This is the result of our actions." Hadem Ironforge said, filled with sadness. "This is the Sage world before our annihilation." Sage Hadem On the hologram, Manasi saw countless combat spaceships patrolling outsi
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Chapter 10 Homunculus Tiger
Manasi could feel his cold sweat starting to trickle down his forehead as he swallowed his saliva.  He took a deep breath. "The Abaddon race is very ruthless. Dealing with them is pretty awful. Absolute caution is needed. One wrong move would result in an unimaginable consequence. "  'Beep!' Beep!' The hologram of the devices was finally turned off. Inside the room, a passage on the wall began to open. " I believe this passage leads to the daughter of Hadem."  As Manasi contemplated what to do next, then all of a sudden, the facility began to shake. The text of the Spirit System, start to appear in front of Manasi.  'Contractor, a large group of homunculus beasts is heading here. They are moving fast.' Spirit System "I should have expected them to come faster." He said as sweat started rolling on his forehead. He then headed towards the passage, opened the system map. The monsters were pourin
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