The 7th System

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The 7th System

By: curiosity_of_a_cat OngoingSci-Fi

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In ancient times, there were seven lockets. Each had magical powers. People don't know what happened to the lockets. The Mercks obtained one of these lockets and created a new gateway which allowed space travel. However, they were only able to use one of its numerous powers due to their lack of knowledge. An organisation called The Chain was looking for peculiar objects, such as the said locket. Inevitably, the Mercks became their target and lost. Still, they managed to send a few of their family members away. And that's where our story begins, with a young Merck stranded alone in an alien world, armed only with the locket left behind by his grandfather. Unknown to him, the gears of fate had already started turning, and the locket had started to wake.

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  • Lohse_


    This is a pretty good read! The system seems to be explained well, and it's good to see a main character that doesn't seem like a Gary Stu.

    2022-07-19 02:34:35
  • MyFirstLoveShin


    nice story and the author know what is best. I like it.

    2022-05-26 09:49:44
  • Adream Michael Quintos


    im liking the concept. first chapter hit it for me. ill sure read this further

    2022-05-26 01:07:54
  • Overlord Supreme


    The mc is not just hot blooded idiot, I love the calculating types and the sci-fi aspects are awesome.

    2022-05-22 00:27:50
  • MWse


    It's an interesting story. It has a few characters which can be improved further ...

    2022-05-21 04:30:27


    This novel is adorable !!!. So far, it has an interesting concept. I can see great potential for this novel. I recommend this novel to those who love adventure, fantasy and science fiction (sci-fi).

    2022-05-20 21:49:43
  • curiosity_of_a_cat


    From chapter 12, the novel gonna be completely different. This is my promise to all readers.

    2022-05-20 12:06:09
  • Mr_Evil


    prologue got me want to read, story is fresh and looks original so far, concept is good.. keep up the good work..

    2022-05-20 10:54:05
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45 chapters
Chapter 0 - prologue
The palace of the Merck family was as busy as usual. Various lights illuminated the entire planet, so much so that from a distance, the planet could be mistaken for the sun. There were numerous spaceships visible in every corner of the planet; the majority of them being battleships- the most advanced battleships in the galaxy, zero. Travelling between planets had become commonplace ever since the Merck family discovered a way to connect planets and galaxies. Trading and migrations began, causing some to become wealthy, while others rose to power. It marked the beginning of a new era. The technological exchange took the world into a never-before-seen era, and the Merck family played a significant role in this. They were very successful in controlling all the gateways and no matter how hard other organizations and families tried to imitate it, they failed miserably. In order to use a gateway, one must possess the crystal core, which was given the name 'Bluestone' due to its naturall
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Chapter 1 - Betrayal
The Merck family was debating something. "Are you certain about the finding?" "Yes, sir, we are absolutely sure about it. If it succeeds, there will be no need to fear anyone. We will have the ability to teleport without gateways. " An old man looked at them. He was deep in thought. It seemed tempting, but the timing was terrible. "If it's worth the risk, let's do it," suggested an older man named Marko. The Merck family made a technological breakthrough. They discovered a way to teleport from a specific distance to a location by using a small device the size of a watch and pressing the button that transports you to an unknown faraway place. It's a defence mechanism because it allows you to flee if you're alone and under attack. However, it has yet to be tested, and the Chain is causing too many problems for Merck, so if it only helps Chain gain more allies, it will not be worth it. But who doesn't want to see themselves grow in power? The Mercks were no different. They decided
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Chapter 2 - The conspiracy
"Did you hear the news?" "I heard it too, but how is that possible? Let's go to the bank and check to see if it's true. " "Okay, let's go. It is not the first time that someone has accused the Merck family ". Such conversations can be heard in every corner of Galaxy Zero. People were flocking to the planet Halla. That was the bank's location. "Hey, buddy, why are so many people rushing to Planet Halla?" "Did you miss the news? It's all over the news. The Merck family is said to want to rebel and take control of galaxy zero, with their first goal being to take over our central bank. " "Wait, is that on the news? How is that possible?" "That's what everyone's thoughts are too. Let's go there and see if it's true." A huge crowd gathered on planet Halla. Some people choose to park their spaceships in space. What if the Mercks really attacked the planet. Others choose to enter the Planet Halla. They never believed the Mercks would attack Planet Halla. Meanwhile, the Merck family we
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Chapter 3 - Everyone is a Sinner. Part 1
Merck family's meeting room. "Sir, What should we do? We have no idea whether Professor Mark is alive or dead. How can we continue our investigation now that Mark and Benjamin are both gone? " The head of the Merck family is Alex Merck.He was sitting in a chair, deep in thought. His face is filled with confusion and worry. He expressed deep concern and said, "Why do I have the impression that it isn't over? Their goal could be something other than taking or killing Mark. Why did they feel the need to attack Planet Hella and frame us?It's incomprehensible. Also, why didn't anyone contact us or ask us questions?" Henry was a senior member there. He also agreed with Alex. "It does feel strange, and I don't believe it's just about Mark. They don't need to go to this length to kill or kidnap Mark. Did anyone from outside the family contact any of you?" "Not at all, sir." The sirens suddenly began to sound. A man dressed in a military uniform is seen running toward the meeting room
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Chapter 4 - Everyone is a Sinner. Part 2
While Henry was with Little Mark, he called both Mark and his sister and presented him with a locket. It was a lovely silver locket with a small box and a door that could be seen at the end. "What is this, Grandpa Henry? Why is there a door? Is that a mirror inside the box? But why is this box-shaped? It's oddly shaped, more like a small room. " Little Mark was overjoyed and continued to investigate the strange-looking locker. Henry looked at little Mark seriously and said, "Didn't you hear we had a God-given treasure? This is the treasure. " Little Mark became stunned for a second. He couldn't believe his ears at all. "How is that possible? Isn't that just a lie concocted by our adversaries? " Little Mark looked at Henry with suspicion. "If it's that legendary treasure, why are you giving this to me, and where is Dad? We didn't see him with you when they returned. What happened to him? " Little Mark inquired, concerned. Henry became sad and patted the boy and said, "Your fa
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Chapter 5 - Where are we ?
In the sea, a small boat with nearly full passengers can be seen."Keep going, Brother. We're nearly there. We'll get to the other side soon. We will be free; there will be no more wars or killings. FREEDOM "and an exciting roar can be heard from the boatSuddenly, a man points to a location and says "There's someone there, they must have been dropped from a previous boat. Let's get the boat there and save them.""Where is this place?" Little Mark has awoken and is looking about. There are many people around him, including women, children, and men. Everyone has a worried expression on their face. They appear to have been through something heinous. But he felt they were the same as the children and women who had left planet Merck before him. He assumed they were also war victims. He looked around and noticed his sister nearly talking to a man.He approached his sister."You awoke? It must be difficult ha. Your sister stated that your Grandpa sent you before your home was attacked. In a
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Chapter 6 - Home
Author's point of view:Before you continue reading the novel, please read the note.When I was thinking about how to introduce MC to Earth without making too much noise or alarming the authorities, I realised that bringing a refugee might be the greatest option. People will overlook their unusual language or fail to comprehend earthlings' common sense or lack of understanding in a variety of areas if they do so. So, after some study, I discovered the most recent refugee scenario, including how they escaped and which countries accepted them, and so on. Which will be included in the narrative.I spoke with a few people in the area, and they all have different political and other reasons for siding with one side or the other. For the greater good. So in this novel, I won't be siding with anyone. So, if you are in a similar circumstance or are a refugee, please share your experience with me so that I can have a better understanding.Please keep in mind that this is a novel, not a true st
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Chapter 7 - The New Beginning
"Is this going to be our new home?""Yes, it will be your new home. When the general discovered that there are two more people in your house, he changed it to this. It's quite large; it was his old home when he worked in the capital." Rowan received a response from a soldier.The house is not large, but it is also not small. It has three rooms, one kitchen, and one dining hall. A parking lot and a basement are also available. It's in the small town of Amasya. It is the provincial capital of Amasya. It's also close to the Black Sea. There are numerous mountains and a river. A small town with a rich cultural and historical heritage.Ali became ecstatic because it had been a long time since he had a home. He never lived in the same place again after losing his village. It's the first time Rowan and Jasmin have travelled this far away from home. They are unfamiliar with the atmosphere and the abundance of nature. They saw animals and birds they had never seen before.The government employ
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Chapter 8 - A Friend From Far
Two months passed quietly. Rowan, Ali and his sister got more close and they actually gave Ali a B grade AAD. They had no close neighbours because their residence was far from town and near the mountain. However, once they began to learn Turkish, they went to town frequently and met people. Rowan developed a keen interest in local history, culture, and food. Everything was new to him. Life was peaceful, but no progress had been made with the locket.After discussing with each other, Ali decided to do part-time jobs. Although they have enough money with their allowance, Ali believes it comes from the general's personal funds rather than the government's. So he reasoned that getting a job would be preferable to living on his allowance. Rowan was introduced to computers and the Internet by Ali. Although he was a bit disappointed with the lack of technology, he silently got interested in various information available on the Internet.Rowan has even fallen victim to a scam and lost money.
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Chapter 9 - Alex
It's been 10 years since planet green has been attacked. It was a typical world. They were not as technologically advanced as Earth, but they lived peacefully. But all changed when they were attacked by a formidable group known as the Chain. They began seizing land from the indigenous people. They brought in people from distant regions and handed them their land. The locals either became slaves or fled to areas that were not targeted. The planet had a large population, but it has been reduced to a relatively small number of people. Some tribes were able to flee to the opposite side of the world, which is regarded as perilous yet difficult to conquer. Dorrance was one of the tribes that had to relocate. The tribe leader was a wise man, but he and his wife, as well as their young boy, were slaughtered. When everyone felt the Dorrance tribe was doomed, Alex stepped forward. He was the former leader's son. He didn't lose his mind despite his animosity. He surrendered to the enemy and bec
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