The Steel Man

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The Steel Man

By: Fe Gor OngoingSci-Fi

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After Jerry was affected by a strange Orb owned by a set of Monsters, he became a Superhuman with the code name ‘Steel Man’ Then a set of Aliens from another dimension tried to destroy the Human’s world out of existence, but Steel Man wouldn't let them do it. Via his Supernatural abilities and an exeorgic wave device created by Dr Wilson, Steel Man was able to defeat the Aliens called the Tayrionites. The Exeorgic wave device was the weakness to the Aliens. Steel Man successfully brought back peace to the Universe...

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  • Osagie Rainier Benedict OSE


    good work bro, hope to see more exciting chapters from you.

    2022-07-18 07:13:59


    Exciting chapters and Characters

    2022-07-15 01:29:52
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24 chapters
Welcome To Apex City
°Apex City, Rickster° DeathWood-1:09am[2 Years Back] Beside Deathwood, a long alley was put in view, as three cars were seen coming along. Their light were glowing brightly yellow, as it beamed to the edge of the alley. They arrived quickly and halted besides Deathwood. The doors opened and twelve humanly figures came out; eight men and four women. They're cladded in black outfits, a trouser and jacket, and a big white round design with an illustration of ACG on it was at their backs. They gripped different guns tightly, with other weapons like small bombs at their side trouser packs, And swords at their back packs. They also have headlights but it wasn't on! The moon light was providing light for them at that time, and it was full moon. They're the ACG-Apex City Guards. Do you know DeathWood? DeathWood is a very hazardous and gigantic place, a forest where all sorts of wild creatures dwell in. This forest have been here for years and thick threes have covered everywhe
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Fate Of The Vampire
°The First Four Hunters Scene° Pow!! The Captain of the Hunters, and the Vampire collided against each other, which made them flew oppositely backward. Without hesitating, The Vampire sprung back to his feats... He leaped towards the Captain and Pow!! He gave him a strong punch at his face. This took the Captain backward, as he crashed against a large thick tree, then he fell on the floor as the dust and dried leafs levitated upward. “Captain Maxwell!” The remaining hunters yelled. They immediately stood a fight stance against the Vampire, Huh? They're not afraid anymore. The Vampire quickly dashed at them with a Sarcastic Smile, and the lady tried her first attack with a side kick, but the Vampire gripped her leg and flung her backward with his immense strength in him. The lady also crashed with a tree and fell down. The remaining men rushed at the Vampire at same time, and as they got closer, the Vampire stretches his hands forward, and a black holes appears and
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The Orb!
Jerry tried to stand back to his foots, but he fell back to the ground. Meanwhile the Other hunters have sprung back to their foots including the Monster. And as Jerry Managed to Stand up again, another hear vision, dashed at him, stroked him and pushed him away, he went deep inside the forest and was the darkest part... °Cave Galvary° Far away, still inside DeathWood, a gigantic black outfits cave was put in view, the inside was dark, but a bit illuminated by fire sticks, which were hanged at the wall. Inside the Cave... Different types of Monsters; the Vampires, werewolves, and other strange monsters were found here. Two Monsters each were standing at every enterance to another room. Till it got to the last room, a vast room, were more monsters were seen. A golden throne was found there, and a Large Monster was on it with his butts. He was dark in skin color, ugly face that has six disgusting fangs, wide nose and four big eyes that were glowing red. Two large horns w
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°The Alley° The alley was were the cars of the ACG were packed earlier. Captain Maxwell and the Lady suddenly came out of DeathWood and approached the car, They opened the door and entered. “I’m tired!” Captain Maxwell said and gave a loud sigh of relief, he checked the time in his phone that was inside the car, which made him opened his mouth in astonishment. “4:32am” He whispered. He quickly placed his right finger on his earphone, as it gave a short blue glow. “Hello Colleagues, Captain Maxwell speaking... I and Emily are at the Alley, it's over for today. Meet us there now, we’re about to go!” He said. Via the earphone, his speeches travelled to each and everyone of the Hunters, that are putting on the earphones connected to Captain Maxwell’s earphone. °35 minutes later, 5:17am° The Remaining Hunters immediately walked out of DeathWood. Only six figure could be seen as they were not clear, darkened by the night, they were black from far. They walked forward
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Dr Wilson walked forward to Jerry, then stretched his hand to the wall and gripped a tube that was hanging on the wall, it was actually connected somewhere; a device up above Jerry's head. Dr Wilson then pierced the tube edge into Jerry's right shoulder... It was able to pierced in as the edge of the tube was very sharp. He took another tube from the left side of the wall, and pierced it into Jerry's left shoulder, then he went to the wall, where a mini keyboard could be seen. Dr Wilson typed some code into it as the device’s engines began to whirled, and fluids began to flew out of the device into Jerry's body via the tubes. “Archhh!” Jerry began to yell a bit as the fluid were hurting his inner body. “Be patient!” Dr Wilson said trying to cool him down. After some minutes, He walked to the wall and typed the codes he typed earlier on the keyboard, then he walked to Jerry and pulled out the tubes. He then bent down and tapped a blue button that was placed beneath the bed; it
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Against The MechDoom
After turning to see who was talking... He found a strange person, a thin and tall lady cladded in red and black Machine suits, she was levitating via the thrusters escaping out of a round hole adjacent her boots. Her face was covered by a black helmet, having red visor, but her nose, down to her mouth was revealed.“Who are you?” The Man asked furiously.“You don't have to be rude! I'm Rasha but you can call me Mechdoom!” She introduced herself and laughed out loudly.“What’s funny? Why are you laughing?” The Man asked... “Nothing!” Rasha replied.“I’m Steel Man!” He said and revealed his name finally. “Wow! Nice name darling” She said in a seducive manner.Steel Man then used his X-ray Vision to scan into Rasha’s abdomen to the heart, and he could find some changes between her and humans. “I don't think you’re from this Universe!” Steel Man SaidRasha Smiled for a while, ignoring what Steel Man said, “Well I'm not a human, I am a Tayrion, we called ourselves The Tayrionites.” Rasha
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“No! It's time to kill you!” Steel Man said loudly, then he levitate out of the ground in speed, his eyes was glowing blue this time, his hand were turned to fists, his cape and hair was dancing accordingly to the music of the wind. “You’re done with yours, now it's my turn!” Steel Man said and Rasha Smiled Sarcastically. Steel Man Instantly rushed at her and before she was able to see him, a punch successfully landed on her face, it took her up a bit flying her backwardly, Steel Man speed forward to her again and gave her another punch which pushed her further in mid air again, Steel Man speed towards her again and in that process, he was landing multiple punch at Rasha’s chest that was widely opened, while she was just going further by the force of the punch. “Nooooooo!!!!!” She yelled loudly and finally Steel Man landed his last punch on her chest as she moved further and crashed into a large rubbles, while Steel Man fell on the Floor exhausted, then He gave a sigh of relie
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Whoosh!!! A blue and white figure passed them in great speed; the speed of light. They turned and could not found anybody, neither anyone, only the dust and dirt on the floor that rushed up by the speed of the figure. “Huh? What's that?” They chorused. °Jerry’s House° A normal one storey building, was built in between other buildings in the environment. Trees could be seen around, and ornamentals which beautiful the environment. Vehicles were packed outside the houses, but the place was void of person. Whoosh the Blue and White figure arrived in great speed and stopped right in front of a House. What the Fuck! It was Steel Man, the one defeated by Rasha. His suit was tattered and filled with stains, His hairs were also filled with dust. But the cut by Rasha and the bruises all over his body were no more, Via Regenerative Healing Factor he possesses, all injuries healed up. Just then, he head footsteps of someone approaching the door from inside the house... “Oh
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The Missing Orb
“I have to tell Emperor Yal’Zar now!” he insisted and rushed out of the room. °Back In Emperor Yal’zór’s Floor° “My Lord!!” Imonial yelled as he approached Emperor Yal’Zór! “What is it?” Emperor Yel’Zór asked... He was confused by the actions of Imonial. “My Lord, please spare my life!” He pleased which made Emperor Yal’Zor more confused! “For what?” He asked. “I misused the Orbs! I mistakenly kept the Zodorb in my room, and put The Omiorb at the Forest!” Imonial replied. “what? You must be joking!” Emperor Yal’Zor ranted at Imonial. “My Lord, I know what...” Imonial was unable to complete his words by a sudden dark energies that hit him on the chest by Emperor Yal’Zór, he flew backward and collided with the wall. “Archhh” He groaned in pains! “Go and find a way to bring back the Omiorb!” Emperor Yal’Zór Commanded in rages! “And if anything happens to it, consider yourself dead!” “Yes my lord” Imonial replied, and immediately stood up and ran away.
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The Missing Orb [Part 2]
°At an Asphalt° At an asphalt, having four lanes all sorts of vehicles were seen passing by, except the trains airplanes, ships and others. People were seen passing at every side of the road like before, some were crossing by the Zebra Crossing. Different Building sided the Asphalt, Buildings like the Club houses, Restaurants, Apartment buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Bank and others. This made the City so beautiful to the eyes. A woman and a boy who revealed to be her child was put in view, they were crossing through the Zebra Crossing, as the lady was holding the boy's hand. “Mom! Is Dad gonna come back this December?” The boy asked his mom. “Yes darling, just be patient!” The lady replied with a sneer. While they were still crossing. They have gotten to the second lane. Suddenly, Sirens were heard around, as it travelled far. Just immediately a black car was seen whooshing down on the asphalt, in the second lane. It was really moving in great speed, and w
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