A Chronicle of Heroes. Book One: From the void

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A Chronicle of Heroes. Book One: From the void

By: Imaan-Murtaza OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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When a primordial dark entity awakens, its instinct to consume whatever it encounters can only be stopped by the primordial heroes from a different realm. However, the darkness is ever so conniving and deceitful. An ongoing fantasy novel series that takes you on a journey through the unknown and beyond.

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  • hafsa jabeen


    Interesting plot. Brilliantly written. Thought provoking content. A must read.

    2022-08-05 23:01:13
  • Sarah


    The story Is really captivating with so many turns and twists . The plot is super interesting , well articulated. A must read...

    2022-08-05 22:33:27
  • Bethel Gold


    tbh this book is a page turner, greatly written great work author

    2022-07-09 10:02:25
  • Aescwine


    A really interesting story. This is the first time I have come across a story of this sort. Deep, with thoughtful meaning and intriguingly way of conveying the nature of darkness and light; good and bad maybe. For those who like novels that make you think and ponder, this is a must read.

    2022-06-26 23:41:09
  • Imaan-Murtaza


    A great fictional perspective on the origins of the universe.

    2022-06-14 21:07:42
Latest Chapter
10 chapters
From the void: Chapter One
Once, there was silence… There was no time, no space, and no substance. Not even the faintest whisper to indicate any sort of life. Nothing except a stagnant, gray void. There it lay, undisturbed for countless millennia until, from within this vast, endless nothingness, emerged a speck. It was a strange, unfamiliar entity, this speck; a small, obscure blemish upon the seemingly empty space; a pitch-black shadow forming a bottomless cloud that personified darkness itself. Even more intriguing than its dark, shadowy matter was that this speck was somehow conscious and aware. It possessed a curious sort of intelligence. It could perceive its surroundings, and it naturally started to embrace its dense, gloomy nature. There it remained, in a conscious yet dormant state within the stretching expanse of infinity. But this period of dormancy could not last forever and eventually, the speck felt a powerful urge to fill the void around it. So, it willed its shadowy particles to forge ahead a
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From the void: Chapter Two
“Light?” the darkness repeated, confused. It paused, overwhelmed by a sudden, unquenchable curiosity; it rivaled the increasing hostility of the darkness for this unfamiliar entity. So, containing its own desire to destroy this entity, it asked, “If you are the light, what am I?” The being—the light—glowed, further spreading its warmth throughout the space. The darkness felt a twinge of resentment; it seemed as if the light was invading the realm that had belonged to the darkness since the known beginning. “You are the darkness,” the light explained. “You are the shadow and the silence. Your very existence is a result of my absence. Here, let me show you what you are…” The obscure figure that exuded cold, looming shadows was suddenly reflected within the invisible barrier, and the darkness felt another layer of an obstruction being removed. At last, the darkness could put things into view, as if its very consciousness could perceive its surroundings in a way it had not previously kn
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From the void: Chapter Three
Abraxus fell into a trance, frozen in the cosmos. Yuham was the only sign that convinced the darkness that it was no longer alone; but now, Abraxus was forced to realize that the darkness’s existence was indeed simply the result of the Infinite One’s will. After a seemingly endless silence, this dark dimension lay peacefully in the realm, absorbing Yuham’s message that had altered its entire perception of existence. But then, from within its dark consciousness, Abraxus declared, “Be that as it may, I am no longer a speck! Do you think you can talk to me and that will change what I have accomplished on my own?” The peaceful dark particles started regaining their vibrant nature all throughout Abraxus’s form, and it continued, “I was the one who used my intelligence on my own self, alone! I was the one who expanded and completely conquered my realm. My reflection was not you or the Infinite One–it was me! It was my ability that spread for countless millennia. Now that you have revealed
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From the void: Chapter Four
With that, Avar hurled with warp speed straight into Abraxus’s gargantuan form. His motions were sleek and seamless, as if the very space was moving with him, and the energy was so intense that Abraxus’s outer particles instantly vaporized. Undaunted, Abraxus shifted its core again, determined to protect it at all costs as Avar’s form slowly faded from view, lost within the outer form of the darkness. An instant later, however, there was a burst of mesmerizing, golden particles, and Abraxus’s outer shadows shattered, blown apart into billions of obsidian fragments that swirled around Avar, a tornado of glittering black matter mixed with gold. Leaving no time to react, Avar’s light became a vortex, eliminating Abraxus’s exterior form with inescapable force. Abraxus could feel its structure slipping away, and the darkness let out an anguished cry. All around it, the microscopic parts of it were dissolving. The shadowy particles that had allowed it to stretch throughout the realm for c
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From the void: Chapter Five
Immediately, Zaki unleashed a column of light that shot through the hole and crashed into Abraxus’s core, generating a blast of overpowering energy that radiated shockwaves, expelling gushes of light and dark matter to the very outskirts of the tangled dimension. Abraxus’s entire form vibrated and rippled until finally, the vibrations slowed. Tangled masses of blues and greens melded with smoky shadows, but once the realm was clear, Abraxus still brimmed with pain and wrath; a wave of pitch-black energy traveled throughout the darkness’s entire structure. Now, all traces of Abraxus’s disdain were gone, replaced by a burning hatred. Do they mean to wipe me out? To obliterate me simply because I will not yield to the Infinite One? If I had not shielded my core what would have happened? Well, if I have evolved so quickly, I must be a threat to them; that must be a reason for their haste to eradicate my existence. With this thought, Abraxus abandoned what was left of its prior hesitatio
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From the void: Chapter Six
The two pitch-black followers snaked through the realm, mimicking the size and movements of the light entities. They engulfed the realm with more speed than any of Abraxus’s prior extensions, and their hardened substances seemed to pierce the very cosmos as they approached Avar and Zaki. One of them took on a strange, inverted U-shape, as if it was mirroring Avar’s structure—while Avar had a shining, golden arc of light on one side of his form, the dark follower had an inverted curve of darkness surrounded by the same, crystallized substance Abraxus had made it in. Surrounding its form was a vibrating pulse of energy that served as a barrier of some sort, repelling Avar’s glowing light. The other follower advanced toward Zaki and this extension, too, seemed to vaguely mimic the design of the blueish-green entity. The extension had been made with two additional lengths of darkness that guarded its own consciousness; a perverse, warped shape of shadows with streaks of ink running throug
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From the Void: Chapter Seven
Mōhai, the smallest crimson light entity, watched intently from the outskirts of the tumultuous confrontation. The entity had been stationed as Yuham’s guardian, and he was ever-watchful of the ongoing clash. The guardian Avar was unyielding in front of this dark entity and countered all of Abraxus’s evolved forms. Mōhai’s aura, however, was focused on analyzing and locating Abraxus’s consciousness. In a flash, he raced toward his fellow light entities, pushing through the residue of the ongoing astronomical collisions. “Dear Mōhai,” Zaki asked upon sensing him, “why are you here?” Mōhai’s red and silver core shifted and let out wisps of crimson waves as he replied, “The darkness is very cunning, its intelligence is evolving more than we expected with every passing moment; this worries me. I think its consciousness has been shielded with an impenetrable darkness ever since you tried to destroy it. I cannot seem to locate it. I should be like both of you, undaunting and courageous. B
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from the void: Chapter Eight
Rejuvenated, Avar and Zaki advanced, more fiercely than ever, their indestructible light structures now glowing with Nysa’s essence. The followers that had sought refuge at the outer edge of the dark dominion sensed the changes in the light entities’ cores. Avar whirled into the darkness, once again slashing his galactic, indestructible light, instantly vaporizing the dark followers, all the while leaving a trail of melting light behind that stretched onto astronomical leagues, destroying Abraxus’s precious dark particles coming in contact with it. Zaki aimed his swarm of light beams toward the follower with unmatched speed, burning with turquoise energy swirling with violet. It pierced Abraxus’s right flank, facing no resistance and dissipating the darkness into nothing. Avar and Zaki were now completely vaporizing this evil, with the intention that it would never return. Avar’s one slash was equivalent to numerous galaxies of darkness being obliterated all around him, and he darted
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From the void: Chapter Nine
Since his attempt to warn Avar and Zaki, he had been intently watching the battle unfold. Throughout all the commotion, Mōhai could sense a distant energy building up far behind Yuham: an energy of light filled with wrath, a wrath of a magnitude nothing could ever hope to resist. This was, without a doubt, the Infinite One, and Mōhai instinctively knew that if they allowed Abraxus to reach Yuham, His fury would bring an end to everything that had ever existed. After all, Yuham was the most favored of all creations, the reason that they all knew the Infinite One. Now, Mōhai was truly worried. He knew that even the light entities would not be able to withstand the power of the Infinite One’s solution for ending this conflict. His decision, being absolute, would surely come to pass if they failed to control Abraxus. If the infinite force were to be unleashed, the light would diverge, instantly covering the entire plane of existence, incinerating everything. It seemed that existence was
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From the void: Chapter Ten
The newly added cores of Yuham and Nysa formed a protective barrier around the red entity. Mohai continued to advance as glittering shadows attacked from all sides, rushing, swirling dizzyingly around them. Avar and Zaki brandished their light in Nysa’s direction. The violet light waves started uncoiling the dark, malignant tether in their light connections. Mōhai’s unending determination left Avar and Zaki in awe as they watched his plan unfold. Abraxus reeled again from shock, entering a state of uncontrollable rage and hatred as Mōhai advanced. He mustered thousands of huge, dark orbs like the ones Avar and Zaki had used, along with countless forms of followers and shimmering, dark spheres of energy that extended endlessly, and directed them toward Mōhai. This time, Abraxus held nothing back—he remembered how it felt when he had engulfed all the residual light into his form, how his dark, maleficent shadows had crept into the light particles and changed their nature to fuel his own
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