Chapter 26

"You’re The Luna asked me to do so,” she said with a smirk and I hissed in pain.

What the hell? The Luna?  While will she tell her to do so?

"And I have forgiven you Alpha Monroe, I am giving you a chance, giving us a chance and please do not hurt me"

Amidst the pain I was feeling, I felt satisfied.

I felt like I was being crowned the king of the universe.

"I am sorry I did that but you deserve it and I did as I was instructed” she grinned helping me stand on my feet  

I am not mad at her, not even for a second.

Earning her forgiveness alone took the pain away.

Feeling my heart and mind at peace is what I wished for.

I pulled her into a hug and we both fell on the bed because my legs weren't stable due to the pain in my balls.

I held her waist snuggling clo

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