Chapter 35 - Completed

I am worried sick about it. Why are the doctors not showing up? Does that mean she's not fine?

"I know you are very senseless" I hissed going to the window when the doctor came out sweating profusely.

I hastily ran to him inquiring about Sira and the babies.

"How's she, doctor? She is fine right?" I asked curiously

He used a hankie to wipe off the sweat from his face, smiling broadly at me.

"Yes, Alpha Monroe, she's perfectly fine and congratulations. She was delivered of a baby girl and boy"

I absentmindedly engulfed him in a hug not minding my environment.

"Oh, my goodness. I am so excited, thank you doctor"

"Congrats man, you are now a father, I need to find a woman already, how about that, your sexy secretary? Is she vacant? Like no one?"

Adam poured out while I stared at him

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