Chapter 34


I am damn hungry and I need to be with my heavily pregnant wife.

I closed my laptop standing up.

Out of the office, I took my private elevator down and entered my car.

I can't wait to see my cupcake. Gosh. She's so dramatic, imagine she told me I hate her because her stomach is big.

I almost laughed if not that she might start crying if I do.

Since her baby bump became very big, she stopped looking at the mirror saying it scares her.

Later on.

"Hey baby" I wrapped my arms around her big tummy from behind

"You came home late again Alpha Monroe" she grumbled.

"I am sorry cupcake; I was so busy at work today" I said kissing her jawline.

"Okay, go upstairs and freshen up while I inform the maids to set up your dinner" she replied, holding her w

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