The Billionaire Forgotten Heir

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The Billionaire Forgotten Heir

By: Baby favour OngoingUrban/Realistic

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“ Let me introduce; This is Benedict Edward, my boyfriend and baby...” she introduced the guy before pointing at Griffin “ and this is Griffin Wright, well... I don’t know how to introduce him to you because he was always a fool and a nobody.” She explained and laughed shyly while the guy nodded his head. “ What?” Griffin exclaimed. He couldn’t believe his ears! Benedict Edward cleared his throat and sized Griffin up, secretly mocking his cheap clothes “ Oh! This is that loser guy you always tell me about, right?” He asked and Charlotte nodded. He also nodded with a smile before taking a step forward and he stretched his hands forward as if he wanted to shake hands with Griffin but he immediately withdrew the hand and cleaned it with his napkin ~ “ I can’t afford to dirty my hand by touching you, sorry. “ He said sarcastically and turned to face Charlotte. “ When did all these start? We’ve been together for 6 years and all we showed each other was love. Why this?” Griffin questioned with his eyes red and sad.

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117 chapters
Chapter one
Driving down his freshly graduated girlfriend’s school, Griffin Wright had a sweet smile on his face and his face was filled with satisfaction. A life he had been waiting for! Griffin parked in front of his old school which he dropped out from three years ago and waited patiently for his girlfriend to come out~ “ Wow! It’s really been 3 years! I can finally have her to myself now and we can start planning for our life together!” Griffin mumbled to himself and laughed heartily. Griffin Wright hardly laughed and he was known by many as a cold type but when it comes to his babe, he would always laugh happily. “ Loving her has been the best thing I ever done. “ He mocked himself silently and chuckled. Moments later... People started coming out of the school entrance and he could see the happiness in their eyes. They looked so satisfied and victorious that for a moment, he wished he had not dropped out of school but it was only for a moment as he threw that
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Chapter two
Griffin Wright had a lot on his mind and he found it difficult to think about how his life would turn out after this event. " I've given her all my life. I've used all my entire life to think about her and the only thing that kept me going was the love I had for her. How am I suppose to live from now on?" Griffin was in a great dilemma and he wished it was all a dream... a bad dream. Everything had been so hard on him since he dropped out few years ago to help his girlfriend as there was no one for him. He got lost when he was a kid and his foster parents were no more, leaving him to cater for his and his girlfriend's expenses but he kept enduring everything, no matter how hard it was because he believed he was the happiest with a girlfriend who truly loved him unknowing to him that he was just a fool who had been fooling himself for the past two years. " Two years. Good 2 years! I thought I was the only one she loved but I've been fooled! I was f**king fooled! The heck hav
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Chapter three
Unknowing to Griffin Wright, Emily seemed to have read the message alongside him and she chuckled. " 1000 dollars? Arrest on 1000 dollars? Who does that?" She mumbled before clearing her throat to attract Griffin's attention. " You can pay your debt with that card and come home when you've gathered your thoughts. " She said and signaled to the men as they all turned to leave. " Wait!" They were yet to take a step when Griffin stopped them and they turned their heads to look at him. " How do I get to you guys when I'm ready?" He asked. " Call the number on the badge and someone will come pick you up wherever you are. " Emily replied and left. Griffin watched them enter their car and they even bowed to him before leaving. A vast difference from how he was treated by Benedict and Charlotte. " What do I do with this? Can I really trust this people? I've never seen a card like this before. Are they trying to scam me?" Griffin couldn't stop asking himself many questions
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Chapter four
Everyone around them were shocked at the sudden change of air in the room. One second, they were ridiculing a fraudster and the next seconds, their boss was greeting him with utmost respect. " What's going on here? Is this man a big wig or something? Manager won't be like this if he doesn't recognize him. I guess we are screwed! What do we do, Sir?" One of the Security men asked the one at the front and they both shook their heads in dilemma. The security men were the first to caught wind of the matter and they quickly scurried away with their tail hanging cowardly at their back! While the counter clerk was trying to figure out what was happening, Griffin was extremely shocked to the extent that he couldn't close his mouth and just kept looking at the man with creased brows. " Please come with me. " The man said with his head still a little bowed. His face was plastered with respect, apology and admiration and not even a ounce of arrogancy could be felt in him. Gri
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Chapter five
Seeing the look the girl made toward him annoyed him to the core and he gritted his teeth. He had went through different ordeal where people humiliate him and call him names but this was his first time going through such ordeal with his old classmates whom they were once close friends! " What could have caused this? Is it because of this social class too?" He thought inwardly as his eyes grew confused and sad "Good Evening, Sir. " The girl beside Griffin's classmate greeted with a smile before turning to the girl. " Amy, You should attend to that young man. " She said as she turned her back to walk toward her own client who had been waiting for her. Amy, as called by the girl rolled her eyes " Me? I won't do that." She replied firmly and her other colleagues were shocked at her sudden outburst toward a customer! One even made an angry face as he glared at her " What was that? Why would you behave that way to a customer?!" The guy hollered but Amy wasn't moved at all. Sh
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Chapter six
" You're going to buy that car? You talking that way gets on my nerves and it makes me want to drag you out of here. I don't understand why someone like you will be here in the first place but your right senses should let you know that you are disturbing our sales here. Look at the building, look at the customers, all of them are leaving because you stink! You disgust them! I'm sure they are cursing us for letting you enter here when they are still around. You have the gut to touch that car? How dare you?" Amy muttered, pointing out every single flaws in Griffin and rubbishing him without any restraint whatsoever. Her other colleagues gasped and covered their mouth. They did not know what to say as what Amy was doing was against the policy of the car company and they knew their boss wouldn't be happy with this if he got to know but who would stand up for a poor person? They believed they had other things to do rather than standing up for a wretched pretty face. The pot
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Chapter seven
Griffin was shocked. He was stunned and he forgot to blink for some minutes. This was the same card he used to pay his debt at the bank. Why was it not working now? " Seeing your shocked face makes me want to push you. You're acting like you are surprised when you already know your card is fake?" Amy inquired before turning to face the young man. " You, didn't I tell you not to waste your time? See what you've caused yourself now. Hehehe!" Amy mocked and laughed. She was thrilled. This was exactly what she wanted! It wouldn't have been right if Griffin was able to pay but she believed that was impossible anyway! " How can a pauper like you buy a car?" She berated. The pot bellied man also laughed while holding his big belly. His rounded face pulled apart as he opened his mouth and laughed out loud! " You are really shameless. You should have left when you were given the chance but you have to just disgrace yourself like this? What a pity!" The man said with mockery
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Chapter eight
" If I may ask, why did the card not work when that young man used it earlier? Was there something wrong with it?" Griffin could not afford to forget what was baffling him. He was almost disgraced and dragged away because of that. The manager sighed and lowered his head a little. " The issue is that the general machine over there can only process and approve transfers under 500k dollars and nothing more than that but you wanted to pay 1 million dollars. Only the machine inside the VIP room can process that. I am very sorry for my workers negligence, Sir. " The manager explained and apologized. Griffin breathed in relief and smiled. " It's okay then. I was just baffled, that's all. " He replied. The manager bowed one more time before turning his head to look at his workers. He sighted the young man that attended to Griffin earlier and called him over. " You! Don't tell me you don't know that the machine there can only approve 500k dollars. Why did you have to go t
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Chapter nine
" I'm bored of seeing their ugly faces. Staying there a little longer might make me as ugly as them and I don't want that. " Griffin mocked as he stood in front of the big company. The processing of his car document would take 4 hours and he had no reason to wait there when all the workers would make him their cinema and the manager would keep apologizing over every little things. " I can't go to the party with my old car as it doesn't befit my status any longer. I should just take a taxi down and come back for my car in 4 hours. " He told himself and brought out his phone. He checked the location of the nearest taxi and fortunately, he realized one was about to get to his place. He waved his hand and the taxi stopped. " I should go with this. " He mumbled as he entered the car and the car drove off. The party was being held in a bar. Griffin told the man to stop in front of the bar's gate and he alighted after paying him. He got out of the car and he was surpris
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Chapter 10- where he meet her
Chapter 10Griffin knew his friend was troubled and he had to say something since Benedict is getting on his nerves and when he never wants to let him bothered him a bit.“I will pay” Griffin speak out before Chris could say anything more.Charlotte was the first to laugh out!“Oh my goodness you sold your car so fast and wants to use it to pay for drinks?! Come on you’re going to be forever poor beside how much is your car that you want to pay for 10 bottles?!” She walks down from their table to theirs wondering where her ex boyfriend had got the nerves from!“Baby calm down, Okay? Let’s see the end of this.” Benedict smiled and face the bar tender.“Serve this two 10 bottles of wine.”Chris looked at Griffin who give him a reassuring smile that everything is under control, Chris wants to ask him where he’s going to see the money and pay for ten bottles of wine impatiently but he keep his cool anyways.One thing he knows is that Griffin will never tell them to bring it if he’s not go
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