His speech

Chapter 115

It’s finally time for Griffin to give his own speech, he cleared his throat, “It’s funny how I don’t even know where to start from when I’m suppose to talk about my own personal assistant” He said and everyone laughed.

“She’s, Diligent and very hardworking, to be honest she’s my mentor too cause she thought he everything”

“Things I’m even yet to know about but she already knows about it,she’s just rare and don’t let me forget to add that she’s a good lady”

“I know I’m not supposed to commend another lady but my wife will understand right?” He chuckles.

“She’s everything a man would ask for in a lady except you know maybe she didn’t know how to cook cause I never heard or seen her cooking” Griffin keeps saying his mind she couldn’t help but laughed.

“What I don’t understand is why a lady as beautiful as she is would be alone until this morning I heard there’s some guy in the corner”

“Why would he be in the corner? I thought man always shone brightly?!” He asked and Liam lau
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